ActionScript 3.0 Projects: Game Development

with Todd Perkins
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ActionScript 3.0 Projects: Game Development
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Adobe Certified Instructor Todd Perkins makes ActionScript fun in ActionScript 3.0 Projects: Game Development . He explains the principles of game design and development, then shows how to overcome game-making challenges to create all kinds of games. Todd teaches developers how to deal with case sensitivity, create dynamically moving enemies, add event listeners, determine a win or loss in a game, and add additional features and artificial intelligence. Each set of tutorials covers how to build a game from scratch. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Understanding game development
  • Building a shooting game
  • Making a Ping-Pong game
  • Developing the enemy's artificial intelligence
  • Creating a word-guessing game
  • Placing tiles in a slider puzzle game
  • Creating a tank battle game
  • Winning and losing a game
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Q: What's happening in the "Copying motion from the timeline" video isn't what's happening for me in Flash CS6 or CS5.5. There's some differences when the author creates the motion tween, and the right-click the final keyframe, select  "Copy to Actionscript" step doesn't open a dialog box as shown. Meanwhile, the code copied is significantly different.
A: This course was created several years ago (2007) with an older version of Flash, and Adobe ended up removing this "Copy to ActionScript" feature in a later version. Since using that feature isn't crucial to the game's development, you should be able to get by just skipping the "Copy to ActionScript" step. Everything else in the course should be compatible with Flash CS6.
Q: The animator instance is not working. It asks for this_xml. What do I do?
A: Unfortunately, this feature was removed from Flash since the recording of the course. The version in place in CS6 is dramatically different. Please see Adobe's documentation for differences.
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