Flash CS4 Professional: Building UI Elements

with Todd Perkins
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Flash CS4 Professional: Building UI Elements
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Creating user interface (UI) elements becomes easier with the integration of Flash ActionScript 3.0 and object-oriented programming. In Flash CS4 Professional: Building UI Elements, Todd Perkins demonstrates how these two programming tools work together to build common UI widgets, such as scrollbars, preloaders, sliders, and checkboxes. To streamline the workflow, Todd shows how to reuse custom codes across applications with object-oriented programming (OOP). Step by step, he builds one widget per chapter, covering the skills it takes to develop a fully functioning application. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Applying OOP to real-world projects
  • Creating customizable elements for a unique look
  • Learning efficient workflow practices with ActionScript 3.0
  • Developing new programming skill sets with OOP
  • Reusing custom codes across several applications
Flash Professional


(happy music) - [Voiceover] Let's take a look at what we're going to build throughout this course. We're going to learn how to build user interface elements. Now what are those elements? First we'll build a progress bar so we'll load an external file and have our progress bar track the progress of that file loading. It will show the update on a progress bar and in a text field. We'll create a scroll bar so you can scroll a text field.

We'll connect that scroll bar to a text area that will have customized scaling. We'll create user interface check boxes and radio buttons as well as standard user interface buttons with different states. Finally, we'll take all the user interface elements that we created and look at how they can be applied in a form application. Then I'll show you how to skin those elements so that you can customized their look and feel.

So that's a brief look at what we're going to be doing throughout this title. I hope you're excited. Now let's get started writing some ActionScript 3.0 code to build these user interface elements.

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