Flash CS3 Professional Essential Training

with Rich Shupe
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Flash CS3 Professional Essential Training
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In Flash CS3 Professional Essential Training, instructor Rich Shupe delves into the key aspects of working with Flash CS3 to create professional animations, design interactive websites, and incorporate audio and video into self-contained presentations. The training covers using the drawing and color tools, mastering the essentials of animation, and working with type, graphics, sound, and video. Rich also introduces the essentials of working with ActionScript 3.0. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Flash Professional


Welcome to {italic}Flash CS3 Essential Training. {plain}My name is Rich Shupe, and for the next few hours I'd like to introduce you to {italic}Flash.{plain} Who Should View This Course? Well, you'll likely get a lot out of this video training series if you are New to {italic}Flash,{plain} if you're Interested in features that are new to {italic} Flash CS3,{plain} or if you want to learn more about animation techniques, or simple ways to present text, images, sound, or video. One consideration is that there's Little or no programming required, so you don't need a lot of ActionScript experience to enjoy this course. What if you don't find yourself in one of these categories, however? You might want to Carefully review the Table of Contents for specific features, if you find yourself already familiar with {italic}Flash CS3,{plain} if you consider yourself an intermediate or advanced user, or if you're looking for more extensive coverage of ActionScript. However, I invite you to stick around, you may get a little something out of it. Again, review the Table of Contents, and you might find something you like. If you still want to move on, I have some suggestions for additional content. You can go onto the next title in the series {italic}Flash CS3 Beyond the Basics,{plain} or if you're looking for ActionScript as a {italic}Flash{plain} user, you can check out {italic}ActionScript 3.0 Essential Training (Flash),{plain} and {italic}ActionScript{plain} {italic}3.0 Beyond the Basics (Flex).{plain} There's also a title for flex users:{italic} ActionScript 3.0 Essential Training (Flex),{plain} so if you're a flex user, there is something there for you as well.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the course.

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