Flash CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics

with Todd Perkins
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Flash CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics
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Through several hands-on tutorials, instructor Todd Perkins shows how to best build dynamic, streamlined sites using Flash CS3 Professional. Learn how to create custom keyboard shortcuts, apply advanced text techniques such as animating scrolling text with custom easing controls, and using advanced animation techniques. Flash CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics covers many challenging features, including adding complex interactivity to a Flash CS3 project and getting Flash content on a phone. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Customizing Flash CS3 and managing assets Working with ActionScript variables Understanding dynamic text fields Adding interactivity to dynamic text Animating a complex MovieClip Using buttons to navigate labeled frames Working with components Exploring advanced audio and video techniques Creating accessible Flash content Understanding Flash Mobile
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Hi, welcome the Flash CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics. I'm Todd Perkins and I'll be walking you through learning some advanced Flash techniques Just so you know a little bit about me, I'm an Adobe certified Flash instructor, and I absolutely love Flash. I love building animations and interactive applications, and just about everything you can do with Flash, I love it. I'm very excited for what we're going to do in this title. Let's take a look at some of the applications we're going to be creating. Applying masks to dynamic text and scrolling text with easing animations.

We'll take a look at making advanced animations and using those animations to build interactive applications. We'll talk about working with components and how to use them to build a form that sends an e-mail. We'll talk about some advanced video techniques including adding a reflection to a video We'll use ActionScript classes to build an object oriented MP3 player. (Music plays.) The MP3 player will read ID3 tag information from and MP3 files.

We'll even develop content for mobile devices and put that content on a phone. And that's just a look at some of what we'll be doing in this title. So let's get started.

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