Flash CS3 Interactive Video Techniques

with Chris Florio
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Flash CS3 Interactive Video Techniques
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Flash has become one of the most popular ways to publish video on the web. It enables rich media experiences, custom playback controls, and top-notch quality. In Flash CS3 Interactive Video Techniques, instructor Chris Florio highlights the tools non-programmers need to add video to projects. He also covers techniques for creating interactive video with ActionScript, including how to use cue points, dynamic masks, and custom controls. Flash CS3 Interactive Video Techniques makes integrating video a snap for everyone from novice Flash users wanting to know supported file formats to advanced Flash developers looking to create masking videos. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using video in Flash with an alpha channel Working with hardware and multiprocessor acceleration Creating custom controls in three different ways Setting FLV parameters with ActionScript Understanding the difference between embedded video and progressive download Accessing NetStream metadata
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Hi. My name is Chris Florio and I'd like to welcome you to this Flash Video Essential Training series from Lynda.com. The main goal of this series is to show you how to integrate video into Flash projects such as Flash-based websites and stand alone applications. We'll start with the video tools in Flash CS3 that require no programming and progress into ways that video can be customized and controlled with ActionScript. In this title, we'll cover everything you need to know to play and control multiple video files in a Flash application, create and customize controls and skins for your video player and have your video files begin to interact with your other Flash-based content.

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Q: Chapter 5 videos have action script errors when trying to play them. What is causing this?
A: When adding a video from the library to the Stage, for some reason Flash forgets the file link.
To solve this, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the video on the Stage (after bringing it in from the library)
  2. Go to the Parameters tab down at the bottom (if it is not there, reveal the tab by going to Window > Properties > Parameters).
  3. Go to contentPath and click on the magnifying glass symbol to link to the local file the computer.
The file path names for the embedded FLVs are mangled. Changing the path to the correct link (the files are in the exercise files folder) solves the issue.
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