ActionScript 3.0: Building Particle Systems

with Todd Perkins
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ActionScript 3.0: Building Particle Systems
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From understanding the basics to creating advanced effects like explosions and smoke, ActionScript 3.0: Building Particle Systems covers each step involved in creating particles and building particle systems. Instructor Todd Perkins explains how to make a versatile particle class that controls particle movement, gravity, friction, spin, rotation, fading, scaling, and other movement effects. He also demonstrates how each unique particle system can be added to a real world application. Exercise files accompany the course.

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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Todd Perkins, and aside from being an overall Flash enthusiast, I've written several books on Flash, and I'm an Adobe certified Flash instructor. In this title, I'm going to walk you through creating particles and particle systems. Much of my inspiration for this title has come from other ActionScript gurus, like Seb Lee-Delisle. Seb Lee-Delisle has also recorded a title on particles that can be found in the online training library. Let's take a look at some of the applications we'll be creating in this title. One of the applications displays the weather, and it's powered by Yahoo Weather.

If it's raining outside, we have a particle system that displays rain particles. We'll talk about how to use particles in creative ways. For example, the wake from the boat is a particle system. The splash that the fish makes is a particle system. And the fish itself here is even a particle. We'll talk about how to make interactive particles, like this particle system that explodes when you click on it. We'll talk about how to create particle effects, like smoke. And we'll even add particles to video. So I hope you're excited to learn about how to create particle systems.

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