ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training

with Todd Perkins
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ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 7h 8m Beginner Updated May 23, 2012


In ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training, Todd Perkins shows Flash designers how to incorporate ActionScript code into their projects and create interactive presentations and applications. The course includes a review of ActionScript language basics and the object-oriented programming (OOP) methodology, a tour of those Flash Professional CS5 features designed for developers, such as code hinting and the Code Snippets panel, and instructions on interacting with objects in the Library and placing code on the Timeline. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the building blocks of ActionScript
  • Working with the display list
  • Using dot syntax
  • Navigating the Timeline
  • Creating document classes
  • Linking classes to Library objects
  • Adding drag/drop functionality to objects
  • Creating a slide show
  • Loading and running code in an external SWF
  • Working with text
  • Accessing XML data
  • Playing audio and video with ActionScript
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- Hi, I'm Todd Perkins. Welcome to ActionScript 3.0 in Flash CS5 Professional Essential Training. If you're familiar with Flash, or want to take your ActionScript skills to the next level to add more complex interactivity, then this course is exactly what you're looking for. Throughout this course, You'll see all the features of Flash Pro that you can utilize to make writing ActionScript as smooth as possible. We'll start at the beginning, discussing how to control the colors and fonts of ActionScript in Flash.

From there, we'll get experience working in an action's panel and see what each button does. Then, we'll begin writing our own code, starting with the basics, like modifying properties of movie clips and controlling timelines. Once you're used to writing basic ActionScript on your own you'll use that knowledge to build real world apps. We'll start with simple games, like a skateboarding game and a drag and drop game. Then, we'll make more complex projects, like a slideshow viewer that loads external images, a swift player for playing back animation, and a video player.

By the time we're finished with this course, you'll have seen just about everything Flash has to offer to help write ActionScript, and we'll have built many powerful real-world applications as well. So good luck and have a great time.

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