Working with the panels

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Working with the panels

In addition to the tools at the very top of the window, we also have three very useful panels on the right, Tools, Comments, and Share. And a lot of what you do in Acrobat will be concentrated especially here in the Tools panel area. So to see what's in Tools, just click the name and the panel opens up. Actually, this is multiple panels rolled into one panel. I guess you can call these panes within the panel, and the first one is Pages. So things that you do to pages, such as Replace, or Crop, or Inserts, or to edit the page design, all occurs here in the Pages Pane.

Now when you open, up say for example, the Content Pane, the Pages Pane sort of collapses, right. That's why some people refer to how these panels work as accordion style. I heard a friend of mine from England call it Concertina, which I kind of like that. So in the Content Pane are things that have to do with the content of a PDF like bookmarks or the actual editing of text or adding interactive objects. Other panes that are under the tools panel are Forms, the Action Wizard, it has to do with creating automated sequences of events that you frequently do to PDFs.

Recognizing Text, which is when you scan something and then have it do automatic character recognition. Protecting the document with various security levels and redaction, and then doing digital signatures and certifying a document. So those are all the things in the tools panel. Now there is this little tiny icon, upper-right, easy to miss, that if you click it will show you that there are actually more Tools panels, so you are not seeing them all at once. For example, you might be wondering where the Print Production tools are, and this is where they are hiding.

So if you choose Print Production then you'll see all of the print production commands and dialog boxes and all that kind of fun stuff. So we will be going through basically all of this during the course of this video title. Then the Comment panel has to do with adding comments to PDF, which is a very common thing that you're doing when you are working with Acrobat and Reader and PDFs. So adding the little callout text boxes, doing drawing markups, doing things like shared reviews and tracking reviews and then reading other people's comments appear here.

And finally we have the Share panel; it's just a fast way to quickly share this document with other people. So for example if you need to attach it to an e-mail, you can do it right directly from Acrobat. If you click the Attach button then it will go ahead and start-up your default e-mail client and then attach this file to a new outgoing message ready for you to fill out. Or you can use Adobe's new Adobe Send Now Online service, which lets you send large files using the Adobe servers and the cloud as it were to bypass file size restrictions with e-mail.

We will be talking about that as well. Other things you should know about the tools panes on the right is that you cannot resize it on the left, something that you might find yourself trying to do but it won't let you do it. Also, if you go to that little menu at the very top, remember it's really easy to miss but it's there. You can choose Allow Multiple panels to be open, so that for example I could open up the Content panel and the Action Wizard at the same time and then I will just get a Scroll Bar instead of the Concertina effect that I showed you before.

To close this entire area and give more room to the document itself, just click on whichever panel is currently active, and it will close up all three of them. So I think in general you'll find that being able to quickly locate the commands that you need are going to be a lot easier with the new panels on the right side in Acrobat X.

Working with the panels
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Working with the panels provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Anne-Marie Concepción as part of the Acrobat X Essential Training

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