How to Split a PDF into Multiple File in Adobe Programs

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Splitting a PDF into multiple files

I often get asked by clients about how to take a long PDF and quickly spit out the same PDF, only in individual pages. So in a 10-page PDF, you have page1.pdf, page2.pdf, page3.pdf, page4.pdf and so on. There actually is a wonderful command in Adobe Acrobat that does just that and more called Split. So what we're looking at right now is a 22-page PDF, you can see 22 pages. The Split command is under the tools Pane in the Pages section.

Split Document is the one that we want. Click it, and you will see that you can set how many pages should be split. In other words, right now it would create 11 documents of two pages each, 11 times 2 is 22. But what if you just were like my clients and you wanted each PDF to be one page long, just do that, or you could say that I want the splits into to two 11-page PDFs, really it's up to you how you want to split it. You can only split in whole numbers though, or maybe this is because you are trying to transmit a big PDF and you want somebody to be able to compile them all together again at the other end.

So you're limited by file size. So you could say, well each page has to be at the max a half of a meg. So split it accordingly. It will still split in whole page increments by the way. Let's go back to Number of pages, we will leave it 1. You can also split by Top-level bookmarks, and we will check that out in a second. For now, let's split them up into single pages and let's look at Output Options. Where do you want these split documents to occur? Now it's not going to split this original document.

It's going to split a copy the document. So do you want them to be in the same folder as where this document is, or a different folder? And if you choose a different folder, it would say which different folder, we will keep it in same folder. Then how should it name the new PDFs. So you can say add a label and a number before or after the original name and then you can enter what label you want to use. So I will install say Part, use the separator, this underscore, and do not overwrite existing files. So if you have done this before or maybe you happened to have a PDF that has Part and the underscore after a file name, you don't want it to overwritten, turn it on.

It's always a good idea to keep that turned on, and I will just click OK, and say OK here. The end, nice and fast. Let's take a look. I will open up Windows Explorer and there are all of our PDFs, part one, part two, part three. Each one is one page long. Let's check it out. Here is page 1. And let's look at splitting along bookmarks or Top-level bookmarks. Let me come back here to our original 22-page file. If we look at bookmarks, remember that's this little panel on the left, just click the bookmark icon, this document happens to have many bookmarks.

It has some top-level bookmarks. These are the ones that you see immediately. Then it has some second and third level bookmarks if you click the little Plus or reveal triangle on a Mac to see the additional sub-headings underneath the main bookmark. And I talk about how to create bookmarks in a different video, but the point is that this document does have bookmarks and maybe, we'd like to split up along each section, each major bookmarks section. So we want to split according to section 1, section 2. Some of these sections are five pages long, some are one page long.

The Split command can handle that as well. So we come back here to Split Document. This time we will say split among Top-level bookmarks, Output Options, the same as before. Let's do to a folder in my computer and we will go to the Desktop, and we will make a new folder called newsplits, click OK, and say make it so. Nine documents, I am going to say all right, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, yes.

Let's take a look on the Desktop, in the newsplits, New Folder, and there are the different parts, each one was one section with the part number. That command, Split Document, comes in very handy. So that's the command, Split Document, which is just the ticket when that's what you want to do, split the document.

Splitting a PDF into multiple files
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Splitting a PDF into multiple files provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Anne-Marie Concepción as part of the Acrobat X Essential Training

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