Learn the Best Way to Edit Images and Graphics in Acrobat

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Editing images and graphics

So, in addition to being able to edit type to a limited extent in a PDF, you can also edit the objects and objects are considered blocks of text, or little art elements like these lines or mainly images. The first thing you need to do before you can actually edit the object is to select the object, and to do that, you use the Edit Object tool, which is part of the tools panel. It's part of the Content. So, open up the Content section and you want to choose the Edit Object tool. So just click anywhere on the page and you'll see this blue line appear surrounding the boundary of the object that you've selected.

You can start dragging in a blank area, and the Edit Object tool will select multiple objects, whatever fits within its selection boundaries. But let's just select let say this picture right here of the Bonsai Tree. I'm going to zoom in a bit with Ctrl+Plus or Cmd+Plus on a Macintosh, and if you right-click after you've selected something with the Edit Object tool, right-click with that tool and you'll see a bunch of very interesting things you can play with. Like for example, Flip Horizontal, if you want this Bonsai Tree to face the other way, you could do that, or if you want it growing from the roof down, you could choose Flip Vertical.

You can rotate the selection as well, but you can also actually edit the image in an image editor. Before I choose that, let me make a trip to Preferences. If you go to Edit and choose Preferences, or on a Mac, under the Adobe Acrobat menu, choose Preferences, at the very bottom, in TouchUp, which is what you're actually doing with these things that you are about to edit, you'll want to check to make sure that it has the correct image editing program selected. If you have the Creative Suite installed, if you have Illustrator and so on installed, it's going to automatically choose Photoshop as your Image Editor, meaning paint or pixel-based images, and Illustrator as your Page/Object Editor, meaning text and then graphics that were drawn, like simple lines and shapes and filled shapes.

You can always click these buttons and choose any other program, though it's kind of iffy if they're going to work with the elements coming from Acrobat. If they're PDF aware then they should work. We're just going to leave it at Photoshop and Illustrator and click OK. Now I showed in the video on editing text how you can select a block of text, right-click, choose Edit Object and edit this object in Illustrator. What I want to show here is how you can right-click on an image and choose Edit Image. This is going to open up in Photoshop, because that was our default editor.

You're always going to get this little warning until you say don't show again, just telling you that you can add all sorts of layers, but when you click Save, when you leave here, in order to update the PDF file it's going to have to flatten that. So it opens up the image, the Layers panel, just like a regular Photoshop image. All right. So I'm now going to double-click this to turn it into a regular layer, and let's do something major to it. For example, I might use an image adjustment layer down here and let's try Invert. You can go to the Image menu - this is something I actually use this quite a bit for - to change the Image Size.

Right now that resolution is fine. When you're done, you're just going to click the close box here. If for some reason you actually want to use this image elsewhere, you could do a Save As, but this image itself is going to update the PDF file. So when you close it and you're prompted to save it, say Yes, assuming that you do want to update the Acrobat file, and then go back to Acrobat to look at the PDF. It actually is kind of magical; I think a lot of people don't realize that you can do quite a bit of editing, especially to images. I think in many ways it's a lot easier to edit images in a PDF than it is to edit text, and the key is to remember that the tool that you want to use is right over here, the Edit Object tool.

Editing images and graphics
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Editing images and graphics provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Anne-Marie Concepción as part of the Acrobat X Essential Training

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