Creating a PDF from a file

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Creating a PDF from a file

We are going to look at how to open a file directly within Acrobat convert it to a PDF. Now this is the entitled Creating a PDF from a file. So after seeing this video hopefully you can open up a file and be comfortable with having it convert to a PDF file and know what it does. Now this video along with the next video, they are going to be tied together because this one we are going to show how to convert, the next video I'm going to show you what you convert and how you convert, did that make sense? So with Acrobat open, I'm going to open up a file. When you open up a native file format, most native file formats, such as a Word document on the Windows platform or let's say an InDesign document or even a picture file like a TIFF or a JPEG, you can convert it immediately to a PDF.

So instead of having to go through the Create we could choose File Open. If you choose Create here you will see, it says PDF From File, Choose PDF From File. So in the open dialog box, you should see we have a lot of different file formats we can convert or create PDFs out of. Typically it shows you all the things that are supported. Now you should be able to see a menu somewhere in here that shows you the different format types or file types, and if you look in here, you should be able to see all the things you can convert. Now your menu may look a little different than mine, simply because of platform or version of Acrobat that you have.

For instance, Mac a lot of times can't convert office products, but you can choose different types of file formats. So what we are going to do is we are going choose the grunbyte_logo in that folder and some of the file formats actually have settings over here, you can see the Settings button. So if you want to as you convert you can click Settings and convert it in a different way or tell it how to convert the file. Now this is simple JPEG logo, so what's going to happen is this is going to use built-in preferences in Acrobat to determine how to change that. So we are going to simply click Open and that should convert it for us.

So it's taking the settings that were basically in the JPEG itself, converting down the PDF, and there are ways to tweak that or adjust that that we can look at. We will look out to the next video, but I want to show you just another thing we can do here. If you go back up to Create or File Open, it really doesn't matter, we can see PDF From File; choose PDF from File, and suppose that you decide to open an InDesign file. You should see grun_news_indesign in that folder. If I click Open to open that, what it's going to do is it's going to have to typically launch the original application that created this thing.

So if you don't have InDesign on your machine, let's say, it won't allow you to do this. If you on let's say Word, we are going to convert an Excel file or a Word document or something like that an you're on the Windows platform, once again, you'd have to have that available for you. So right now it's going to the process. It's opening up InDesign, it's converting. Now when I did this, when I used to do this all the time, I'd be like, OK, that's great, but how do they convert it, how do they know? In the next video we will talk about that. So just learning that you can open files directly within Acrobat to be able to convert them and not all file types work and I will show you in the next video how to determine that, can greatly speed up how you work with Acrobat.

Creating a PDF from a file
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Creating a PDF from a file provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Brian Wood as part of the Acrobat 9 Pro Essential Training

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