Acrobat X Tips and Tricks

with Anne-Marie Concepción
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Acrobat X Tips and Tricks
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Let Anne-Marie Concepción share her intimate knowledge of Acrobat with you, and reveal the application's hidden gems. This course goes beyond the manual to reveal the secret techniques of Acrobat power users: editing text and graphics directly within the PDF, adding the Typewriter tool to the toolbar, creating a better default preview for portfolios, outputting double-sided pages and printer spread booklets, and converting JavaScript into one-click actions. These tools can be put to use immediately on the PDFs that users receive and distribute every day.

Topics include:
  • Discovering secret toolbars
  • Hiding the superfluous form bar
  • Mastering the Typewriter and Text Box tools
  • Importing new artwork into an existing PDF
  • Creating quick and useful signature stamps
  • Making PDF portfolios backward compatible
  • Searching text in a scanned PDF
  • Decreasing PDF file size for faster downloading
  • Creating a batch action with hot folders


- Hi there! I'm Anne-Marie Concepción, and welcome to Acrobat X, Tips and Tricks. In this course, we'll reveal the best ways to get things done quickly in this popular program. I'm going to show you some secrets of the quick tools toolbar. I'm going to explain when to use the typewriter tool versus the text box tool. We'll learn how to edit PDFs including text and images, how to repurpose the content so you can use your text and images elsewhere.

You'll see how you can create a booklet out of your PDF, and of course tons of tips for working with forms and comments and portfolios. This is a fun course with something for everyone, so let's jump in to Acrobat X, Tips and Tricks.

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