Acrobat 8 Professional Beyond the Basics

with Brian Wood
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Acrobat 8 Professional Beyond the Basics
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In Acrobat 8 Professional Beyond the Basics, instructor Brian Wood demonstrates how to use Acrobat 8 Standard and Acrobat 8 Professional to fully optimize PDF documents. The tutorials teach users how to collaborate with others to streamline the design and creation processes, and how to import and export images, text, sound, and movies. The training also covers optimizing security, creating interactive forms and documents, and much more. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.



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Q: How do I create a document that requires users to fill in all required fields before being able to print the document? Users should be able to see which fields are required and the PDF should display a message to users if all required fields are not filled in.
A: Since version 7 of Reader and Acrobat, form fields are highlighted by default on the page. To further highlight the fields by applying borders or a background color (or change any form fields), check out the video "Creating text fields" in the Acrobat 9 Pro: Creating Forms title.

To make a field required before printing, you will need to use some JavaScript which we don't cover in the videos. Check out this post here for directions.

Check out for more information as well.
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