Acrobat 9 Pro Getting Started

with Brian Wood
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Acrobat 9 Pro Getting Started
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Acrobat 9 Pro makes it easier than ever to combine elements from various sources into a single, universal document that can be an interactive hub of digital communication. As Brian Wood demonstrates in Acrobat 9 Pro Getting Started, not only text and images but also audio, video, Flash, and other assets can now be seamlessly combined in a PDF or PDF Portfolio. He shows best practices for streamlining collaborative editing and review, and demonstrates information collection via forms. Brian also covers how to encrypt and sign documents to provide authentication and security. Brian reinforces all these techniques as he works his way through end-to-end workflow scenarios that might be typical of a technical or creative business. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating PDFs from files, scanned documents, web pages, and more Improving PDF navigation with links and bookmarks Customizing PDF Portfolio templates Distributing and collecting review and form data via email, server, or


Acrobat is nothing less than the most versatile solution to getting your work from your computer to the rest of the world. (Music playing.) If you're new to Acrobat, no problem. We'll explore the fundamentals, and show you the program's capabilities. So stick with me and I'll make sure it happens. I'm Brian Wood and this is getting started with Acrobat 9. Acrobat 9 is a program I really enjoy teaching because of the versatility and how it interfaces with so many other programs we all use. In Acrobat 9 Getting Started, I'll show your features like creating PDF portfolios.

We'll get into the very cool function of working with multimedia, including Flash video, and you're going to love it when you see how Collaborate Live works. Acrobat 9 is filled with so much functionality you'll never have to leave your chair to see your clients, and I mean that in a good way. As with all courses you can come back and review segments, stop and start the training when you please and access the program 24/7. Now let's get into Acrobat 9 Getting Started and see what this program can do for you.

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Q: When creating a bookmark in Acrobat 9 using the Select tool then choosing New Bookmark, the bookmark should be titled after the selected section. Instead, the bookmark is titled "Untitled.” What could be causing this issue?
A: Normally, when using the Select text and images tool to create a bookmark, the bookmark should automatically be named after whatever text is selected. However, there may be security on the file or the selected text could actually be an image. Either one of these conditions would prevent the bookmark from being named properly. If the file is protected, remove the protection or contact the file’s owner. In the case of an image, the bookmark can be renamed by clicking on the bookmark title.
Q: In an Acrobat 9 Pro form, what is the best way to set up form field navigation so that clicking on any row of a table redirects to an associated text box on a different page?
A: The best way to set up form field position is by setting the focus to the field you want users to be redirected to. If you are using Acrobat Professional (not Forms Designer) and the field is in the same document, then use the following JavaScript code: this.getField("Yourbutton").setFocus(); Checkout the "Adding Javascript to a field" movie in Acrobat 9 Pro: Creating Forms for more information.
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