Access 2010 Essential Training

with Alicia Katz Pollock
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Access 2010 Essential Training
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In Access 2010 Essential Training, Alicia Katz Pollock gives a comprehensive overview of creating databases in Access 2010, whether using predefined database templates or building from scratch. This course covers each step of constructing and modifying databases for custom purposes, as well as working with tables, forms, queries, macros, and reports and charts for record keeping and analysis. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding database concepts and terminology
  • Building tables with Application Parts
  • Defining field properties
  • Creating relationships between fields and tables
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Creating forms with the Form Wizard
  • Analyzing data with the Query Designer
  • Automating with macros
  • Formatting reports with Layout Tools
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Hi! I'm Alicia Katz Pollock, and welcome to Access 2010 Essential Training. In this course, I'll introduce you to Access 2010, the Microsoft Office Suite's Database Application, and demonstrate all of its features. I'll show you how to build an Access database from scratch, including Tables, Queries, Reports, and Macros. We'll use the new Table tools to build tables quickly and efficiently. We'll explore the Query Designer to analyze your data. I'll walk you through New Form and Report Layout tools that use tables for straightforward design, and we'll build Macros to automate your database.

Whether you are new to Access or have years of experience, I'll show you tips and strategies for effective database design. Now, let's get started with Access 2010 Essential Training.

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Q: It seems there are movies missing in the course which should explain how to enter products in the Order table. How do I do this?
A: The lessons in this course are only somewhat cumulative. The database is built throughout the title before getting to the relationships and referential integrity, but not every step is shown. This is one of those courses where using the exercise files is recommended. The course would be very long and repetitive if I demonstrated the same technique over and over for every step in building a database.

Take a look at these videos instead.
Chapter 2: Planning and designing your database (concept)
Chapter 2: Creating and editing tables in design view (building the order table)
Chapter 2: Creating a lookup field. (This one uses Customer lookup as the example, but I believe this technique answers your actual question. You would use the same procedure to add the field that calls up the list of products.)
Q: In the Chapter 6 video "Using Design view," we work with the Combo Box Wizard. When I click on the Combo Box then click the
 location on the form, it does not start the Combo Wizard. Please advise.
A: Click on the Data tab and make sure one of the tables or queries appears selected in the Control Source. The form needs to be bound to a table or query before you make the combo box.

Also, Access is extremely finicky. When you're looking at the Properties window, be sure to click in the little box in the upper left corner of the form, between the vertical and horizontal rulers—as noted in the screenshot—before creating the combo box.

Q: It seems there are steps missing in the course. The file I built myself by following along doesn't match what's on screen. Why not?
A: The lessons in this course are only somewhat cumulative. Each movie is a standalone explanation of a technique or feature. The database is built throughout the course, but not every step between the lessons are shown. The course would be overly long if the author repeated every step in building a realistic, functioning database. However, the missing steps are variations on the techniques you've already learned. Also, this is one of those courses where using the exercise files is recommended.
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