Access 2007: Queries in Depth

with Adam Wilbert
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Access 2007: Queries in Depth
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In Access 2007: Queries in Depth, author Adam Wilbert illustrates how to create and leverage real-world queries and turn raw data into usable information. The course covers setting up queries, performing calculations, using the built-in Access functions to further refine query results, and identifying top performers or areas for improvement based on a range of criteria. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Naming conventions and best practices
  • Working with joins and primary keys
  • Using comparison operators
  • Printing query results
  • Creating parameter queries
  • Creating calculated fields
  • Using the Expression Builder
  • Making conditional statements
  • Appending queries
  • Updating queries


Hi! My name is Adam Wilbert and I would like to welcome you to Access 2007: Queries in Depth. In this course, I am going to reveal the tools that you will need to answer some of the most complex questions that you might have about your data. I will walk you through some real world scenarios and show you how to leverage queries to bring a new level of insight and clarity to your raw data tables. We will look at setting up queries from scratch to filter and sort your data in your database and I will demonstrate how to perform calculations on numerical values and use some built-in Access functions to further refine the way your data is presented. We will also use queries to identify top reformers as well as to automate some repetitive analysis task.

Now, I like to say that a good database can give you more than what you put into it and queries is where that magic happens, where raw data becomes useful information. Together we are going to cover all of that and more in Access 2007: Queries in Depth.

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