Up and Running with Ableton Live 9

with Yeuda Ben-Atar
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Up and Running with Ableton Live 9
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Discover how to get started creating and recording music with Ableton Live 9 in just two hours. Author and musician Yeuda Ben-Atar starts this course by showing how to set up all audio, MIDI, and external plugins and prep an initial project for recording. Then he jumps into high gear: making beats with the Ableton drum kits, recording with the built-in virtual instruments, and capturing live performance like vocals and guitar. After your tracks are recorded, learn how to arrange song clips, layer in effects, create and record automation, and quickly mix the tracks with groups, busses, EQ, compression, and other techniques. The final chapter in the course shows you how to save, export, and master your finished song.

Topics include:
  • Setting up plugins and projects
  • Creating a drumbeat
  • Converting audio to MIDI
  • Recording vocals
  • Warping and editing clips
  • Adding effects
  • Using time commands
  • Working with the mixer
  • Using side chain compression
  • Adding reverb and delay
  • Mixing dynamically with automation
  • Mastering a song
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Ableton Live


- Hi, my name is Yeuda Ben-Atar and welcome to Up and Running with Ableton Live 9. In this course we' ll look at how to record, arrange, mix, and master a song. I'll start by showing you how to create the drumbeat using the drum rack. Then I'll show you how to record software instruments, as well as recording audio instruments like guitar and vocals using audio tracks. We'll see how to mix a song using EQ, compressors, and time-based effects, and we will be covering all these features, plus plenty of other tools and techniques.

So if you're ready to make music, let's get started with Up and Running with Ableton Live 9.

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