Ableton Live 9 for Live Performance

with Yeuda Ben-Atar
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Ableton Live 9 for Live Performance
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In this course, Ableton Certified Trainer Yeuda Ben-Atar demonstrates how to use Ableton Live to its fullest potential in a live performance setting. First, learn how to choose the best MIDI controller to use with Ableton Live, and how to set it up properly to be used on stage. Then dive deeper into how to use MIDI mapping to get the most out of your controllers with Live. Next, Yeuda shares a number of techniques he employs as a live performer, like using cue points, looping, scratching, applying effects, and playing samples. He then shows how to create a live set, including organizing, exporting, and adding instruments and building custom effect racks.

Along the way, Yeuda reveals many live performance tricks using control surfaces and custom MIDI controllers that he's built, plus tips for playing and syncing up with other musicians and recording your live performance.

Topics include:
  • Using Ableton Live or third-party controllers
  • Choosing songs for a DJ set
  • Building your decks
  • Using EQ and gain to emulate mixer hardware
  • Knowing when to use headphones
  • Mapping the crossfader, EQ, and gain to MIDI controllers
  • Scratching
  • Looping with Beat Repeat
  • Setting up multiple instruments on one track
  • Creating a bus track for master effects
  • Preparing your original productions for the stage
  • Using commercial and custom MIDI controllers
  • Live looping and live sample cutting
  • Recording your live performance
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Hey, I'm Yeuda Ben-Atar, also known as Side Brain. Welcome to Ableton Live for Live Performance. To me, music is about playing, and the digital environment of Ableton Live can allow us to be irresponsibly creative and experiment in a way that would be nearly impossible using conventional hardware music gear. That said, it's important to take advantage of as many ways as possible to detach ourself from the computer while performing live. Throughout this course I'll show you dozens of cool live performance techniques, whether you're a deejay, songwriter, or a producer.

I'll start out by helping you choose the right MIDI controllers for your Live setup, then I'll show you how to deejay with Ableton Live by emulating a deejay booth with two decks and a mixer. Next, we'll see how to map a MIDI controller to Ableton Live, then I'll show you some more modern deejay techniques, such as looping and cuepoint juggling and how to use them in your Live deejay set. I'll also show you how to perform live with you own original material.

(music playing) And finally, I'll show you some alternative performance techniques, like live looping and live sample cutting. Traditional musicians are different from computer musicians in that they play acoustic instruments and create sounds in real time. For us, the sounds already exist in the computer, and we can control where, when, and how they will be heard. Let's explore some powerful ways you can prepare your Live set and maximize your creativity on stage with Ableton Live for Live Performance.

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