Freezing tracks

show more Freezing tracks provides you with in-depth training on Audio + Music. Taught by Rick Schmunk as part of the Ableton Live 9 Essential Training show less
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Freezing tracks

As the production of a song progresses, the number of tracks and devices being used can reach a point where they choke the program in use due to the overconsumption of CPU resources. Ableton Live offers several solutions to this problem. So I'm going to start off by showing you kind of an old-school way of doing that, and that is to actually internally bounce a midi track to an audio track. So I will start by setting the upward of this filter pad midi track from the master to the audio track that's the second track here in the set. And I will go ahead and I will record enable that track. And then I'm going to make a selection the length of what I want to balance and I will do that using a Loop Race.

And then I'm going to enable the punch in and punch out points so that I get just what I'm looking for. And let's get both those clips in about two additional beats. And then to put this into record I'll go ahead and I'll click the Arrangement Record button and before I do that I'm going to solo this track so we can hear just that track. As it's doing this. (music playing).

So, I got exactly what I wanted and now if I was to delete this filter pad track, I would not only get rid of these clips here. But I would get rid of any devices that are being used and any automation that's on that track. And I notice that there was a bunch of automation there because we got this big swell here at the beginning. And then I heard some filter movement in there. So in the end we can reduce quite a bit of activity by bouncing that internally. That takes a little bit of know how how to do that one and its a good option to know but there is also a newer way of doing that, its very quick and very easy.

So let me take this track out of record and take that out of solo and I'm going to disable that track so that we've just got the 2nd audio track playing that's got that audio 1. And now then other way I'm going to show you is I'm going to come down to this Pad Track. And I'm going to right-click on the track name, and from the Contextual menu, I'm going to choose Freeze Track. Now, what it does is it takes the midi data and all the devices that are being used on this, and it renders them as a temp audio file. And any time I hit Play, it will actually play that audio file. And by the way, at this point I can't make any changes to this particular track, it's frozen.

So I'll hit Play just so we can hear what happened. (audio playing). So we hear both those clips playing. Now the new audio clip and now this one that's been frozen. And if I need to make any changes at a later point, I can right-click on that Pad Track name again. And I can choose Unfreeze Track. Come back in make any changes that I want to make. And then I can go back over there and right-click on that again, choose Freeze Track. And then when I am ready to finalize this if I don't need that midi track anymore, I can go ahead and right-click on there again and I can choose Flatten, at which point it's going to render all of that as an audio file.

Let me go ahead and do that. Now that you know how to freeze and flatten tracks in Live, you'll be better able to manage those times when your Live sets get large enough to cause CPU problems.

Freezing tracks
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Freezing tracks provides you with in-depth training on Audio + Music. Taught by Rick Schmunk as part of the Ableton Live 9 Essential Training

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