Ableton Live 9 Tips and Tricks

with Michael Kiraly
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Ableton Live 9 Tips and Tricks
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Join Ableton Live expert Mike Kiraly as he dives deep into some of the advanced features that Live offers for unique and creative manipulation of sound. First, discover how to use clip envelopes to create constantly changing transitions between clips. Then Mike demonstrates how to create playable effects and effects transitions with dummy clips, build automated playlists and song arrangements with follow actions, and use dummy clips and follow actions together to generate complex effects.

Topics include:
  • Creating clip envelopes and putting them to work
  • Unlinking clip envelopes
  • Exploring follow actions
  • Creating song arrangements with random follow actions
  • Creating a basic dummy clip
  • Sound designing with dummy clips and follow actions
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Ableton Live


[Voiceover] Hi, my name is Mike Kiraly and welcome to Ableton Live 9 Tips and Tricks. In this course, we'll look at some of my favorite techniques to take your Ableton skills to the next level. (upbeat bass music) I'll start by showing some of the best uses for Live's clip envelope feature. Then, I'll walk you through how to develop complex effects and arrangement sequences with Follow Actions. Lastly, I'll introduce you to dummy clips, a power production tool that you won't even find in the Ableton Live manual.

I'll be covering all of this and more so let's get started with Ableton Live 9 Tips and Tricks.

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