Visual Studio 2010 Essential Training

with Walt Ritscher
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Visual Studio 2010 Essential Training
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In Visual Studio 2010 Essential Training, author Walt Ritscher demonstrates how to use Visual Studio 2010 Professional to develop full-featured applications targeting a variety of platforms. Starting with an overview of the integrated developer environment, the course covers working with code editors, navigating and formatting code, and deploying applications. Also included are tutorials on running performance and load tests, and debugging code. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating a Visual Studio project
  • Building the user interface
  • Binding to an RSS feed
  • Coding with IntelliSense
  • Creating rich Internet applications with Silverlight
  • Building Windows applications with Windows Forms
  • Integrating with SQL Server
  • Working with Microsoft Office applications
  • Understanding extensibility in Visual Studio
  • Working with data, ADO.NET and datasets
  • Using source control
ASP.NET Silverlight Visual Studio


- Hi, I'm Walt Ritscher and I want to welcome you to my Visual Studio 2010 Essential Training series. If you write code for a Microsoft platform, like Silverlight, Windows Phone, or, you should be using Visual Studio. In this course, I'll show you ever corner of this powerful tool. I'll start by looking at the code editors, and how to customize them to make you more productive. You'll see how to break point your code for debugging purposes, and explore the watch, threads and other status windows. You'll see the Data Source window, and discover the in-depth database and server tools available.

There is a rich testing environment included in Visual Studio, and I'll cover both unit and performance tests in this title. There is also a section on working with source control, and another on compiling and deploying your finished application. As a professional programmer, I rely on the remarkable tools available in Visual Studio to build my applications, and I'm eager to show you how they work. So, let's get started exploring Visual Studio 2010.

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