ASP.NET Essential Training

with David Gassner
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ASP.NET Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 6h 24m Beginner Updated Feb 13, 2013


Thousands of businesses have used Microsoft ASP.NET to build professional, dynamic websites. In this course, web developer David Gassner demonstrates the tools needed to build and deploy a dynamic site using ASP.NET 3.5 or 4.5. Covering everything from installing and configuring Visual Web Developer 2008 or Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web and SQL Server Express to creating web form pages, this course is designed to give beginning and intermediate developers hands-on experience.

Topics include:
  • Storing data with SQL Server
  • Using the GridView control to present and edit dynamic data
  • Creating a data entry system
  • Attaching external CSS files
  • Creating pages to log in and authenticate visitors
  • Installing Internet Information Services (IIS) on Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Deploying an ASP.NET website on IIS
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- It builds dynamic websites, web applications, web services and it's free. (playful music) It is, a web application server and framework that is accessible and flexible. My name is David Gassner and this is Essential Training. I've been building dynamic data base enabled websites for over 10 years, using a variety of application servers. Including Cold Fusion, PhP, and

The .net framework has been around since 2002. And technology has opened the doors to write code with any supported .net language. In this course, I'll give you the tools to get your website up and running using 3.5. Using data stored in a server side data base, hosted with Microsoft SQL server 2008. I'll take you through the installation and configuration of Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008. A free development environment for building websites.

Then, we'll get into the good stuff. Creating web from pages using Microsoft SQL server 2008 Express, using the grid view control to present and to edit dynamic data on pages. Installing internet information services on Windows XP and Windows Vista. And finally, deploying an website on IIS. If all of this sounds like a new world to you, don't worry about it. This an essential training course. So, I'll be showing you a lot of new things that will make you at home in this new world.

Lets take the next step to developing your website with Essential Training.

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