Up and Running with Cloud Service APIs

with Joseph Lowery
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Up and Running with Cloud Service APIs
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The number of cloud service APIs grows every day. It's hard to believe so many companies are giving away their data for free. But not all APIs are created equal. In this course, Joe Lowery helps you sort through the clutter and identify the most useful APIs available for your web applications.

First, there are the popular Google cloud services and device-specific APIs for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Then there are APIs to connect to followers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and even pull images from Flickr. For some really interesting data, Joe shows how to access corporate APIs from companies like Citrix and General Motors. (Imagine getting vehicle data straight from GM.) Last, he shows how to leverage public sector APIs and mine data from the national census, weather bureaus, and even federal job boards. Learn how to make your web projects stand out with cloud services.

Topics include:
  • Working with Google Cloud APIs
  • Connecting to mobile devices via APIs
  • Interfacing with Facebook and managing a Twitter feed
  • Utilizing the Google infrastructure in your own apps
  • Working with the General Motors API
  • Understanding public sector APIs
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- Hi! I'm Joe Lowery, and I'd like to welcome you to Up and Running with Cloud Service APIs. We'll begin this course with an exploration of the range of cloud service APIs available, and then we'll hone in on device-specific ones, like those for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We'll also take a look at different strategies for going cross-device. Then, I'll show you how to make the most of social media APIs from the most popular services, including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Next, we'll narrow our focus to examine the corporate options, from Google to General Motors. Finally, we'll see how to leverage publicly accessible data to bring details from the National Census, the weather and even Federal job opportunities, right into your app. Cloud service APIs have the potential to make your app stand out. Let's get to it, in Up and Running with Cloud Service APIs.

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