AIR 2 with Flash and Flex Essential Training

with James Talbot
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AIR 2 with Flash and Flex Essential Training
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In AIR 2 with Flash and Flex Essential Training, author James Talbot shows how to develop and deploy Flash-based native applications with Adobe AIR 2. The course includes demonstrations in all supported development environments: Flash Professional CS5, Flash Catalyst CS5, and Flash Builder 4. The course explains how to build and deploy native desktop applications that are integrated with the operating system and use many of the runtime's features, including native installers, offline capability, interacting with other processes, and more. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Explaining runtime applications
  • Installing and using the Adobe AIR 2 SDK
  • Compiling a project in Flash Builder
  • Packaging an AIR application in Flash Professional
  • Converting a Flex project to an AIR project
  • Creating application windows
  • Moving and copying files across the operating system
  • Opening files in default applications
  • Displaying HTML content
  • Interacting with other AIR applications
  • Using the built-in database
  • Securing applications
AIR Flash Professional


- Hi. I'm James Talbot, and welcome to AIR 2 with Flash and Flex Essential Training. In this course, I'll be showing you how to develop cross-platform desktop applications for Adobe AIR 2.0. I'll walk you through prototyping an AIR application with Flash Catalyst. We'll talk about how to package and deploy applications, including digitally signing and installing them right on the end user's machine. We'll also talk about using system windows, and we'll examine how to create application windows on multiple platforms, and we'll even display HTML content right in Adobe AIR 2.0.

We'll implement AIR security, and we'll talk about how to encrypt and lock down that database. I love working with AIR, and I'm thrilled to be able to share my knowledge, tips, and tricks with you. So, let's roll up our sleeves and explore AIR 2 with Flash and Flex.

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