ACT! 2010 Essential Training

with Karen Fredricks
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ACT! 2010 Essential Training
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In ACT! 2010 Essential Training, author and ACT! Certified Consultant Karen Fredricks explains how ACT! can help small to mid-sized businesses become more organized, efficient, and profitable. ACT! is the most popular contact management software on the market, and this course is designed to get users up and running fast. Karen demonstrates how to build a database of contacts and customers, work with notes and histories, and run reports. Scheduling and task management are covered in depth, as well as integration with Word, Excel, and Outlook. Karen devotes time to new features in ACT! 2010, including e-marketing and integration with social media.

Topics include:
  • Understanding database basics, including fields, records, and tables
  • Adding and grouping contacts
  • Developing an email marketing campaign
  • Creating a task list and scheduling activities
  • Managing sales opportunities
  • Integrating ACT! with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Reporting on progress with dashboards


(upbeat music) - Hi, my name is Karen Fredericks and I'm the author of ACT 2010 Essential Training by I am an ACT fanatic. I use it to organize and grow my business. I use it to organize my social life. I even use it to organize my family. I can't wait to show you some of ACT's cool features. I'll show you how to use the notes and calendar alarms to jog your memory. I'll demonstrate the E-marketing features to increase your sales. I'll even highlight the social networking links to reach out to your most valuable contacts.

I know that ACT will help organize and grow your business. ACT has been around for over 20 years and I've been using it nearly that long to help me tame the chaos in my life. It's time to get your ACT together so let's get started with the ACT 2010 Essential Training.

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