Up and Running with Particle Flow in 3ds Max

with Brian Bradley
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Up and Running with Particle Flow in 3ds Max
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Particle Flow is a sophisticated nonlinear, event-driven particle system that is an integral part of the VFX toolset in Autodesk 3ds Max. Join Brian Bradley as he shows you how to start creating great looking animations and simulations with Particle Flow. Review the basic components, harness the power of its ready-made flow types like Preset and mParticles, and then learn to adjust operators to change the look, logic, and behavior of particles inside your flows. Finally, see how to put it all into practice by building your own rain, splash, and drip system from the ground up.

Topics include:
  • Deconstructing a flow
  • Making use of events
  • Creating a standard flow
  • Reusing effects
  • Adjusting the Birth, Speed, Shape, and other operators
  • Making tests that create events
  • Creating rainfall
  • Setting up a Splash system
3D + Animation
3ds Max


- [Voiceover] Hello and welcome to Up and Running with Particle Flow in 3ds Max. My name is Brian Bradley and I am really looking forward to exploring the workings of 3ds Max's extremely powerful event driven particle system with you. In chapter one, we will introduce you to the basic components of the particle flow system by taking what amounts to a high level overview of the various elements that we will make use of when working with it. We will then move on and start to take a closer look at some of the specific elements available to work with, such as, the ready-made flow types that includes both the pre-set and and end particle flows.

These ready made elements have been designed to help us get a head start whenever we have specific work flow needs. Next, we will turn our attention to operators, as these are, for the most part, the basic building blocks from which all of our particle effects will be created. We will be spend quite a bit of time putting some fairly common operator types to work inside a number of simulation situations. We will also spend some time looking at a very specific group of operators known as tests.

Seeing how these ultimately provide the logic and direction that can be used to create some very complex particle motions and behaviors. And finally we will put everything learned into practice by building an entire rain splash and drip system from the ground up as it were. As we clearly have quite a way to go in this course, let's go ahead and dive straight right into Up and Running with Particle Flow in 3ds Max.

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