Textures and Materials in 3ds Max

with Steve Nelle
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Textures and Materials in 3ds Max
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Textures and Materials in 3ds Max with instructor Steve Nelle takes an in-depth look at the art of creating lifelike skins and textures for three-dimensional surfaces using 3ds Max, one of the world's most widely used 3D packages. This course covers popular material and shader types, including mental ray ProMaterials, methods for properly positioning maps, and some of the lesser-known advanced features of the Material Editor. Techniques are demonstrated using three practical project examples. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating surfaces and textures with maps
  • Making 3D object surfaces look believable
  • Mapping sub-object materials
  • Layering images with composite maps
  • Creating realistic glass and reflections
  • Using mental ray Arch & Design and ProMaterials
  • Exploring the Material Library
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3ds Max


(swish) (upbeat music) - Hi, my name is Steve Nelle and welcome to 3ds Max 2010 Textures and Materials. If you are looking to elevate the realism of your 3D work through the believability of the materials that you create, I think you are in for a real treat. Over the next couple hours, you and I are going to putting 3ds Max to the test. As we both explore and apply the many different tricks and techniques the software offers and helping you to build skins that look not just life-like, but photorealistic.

After a brief refresher of the need-to-know basics, we are going to be diving headlong into an in-depth and informative look at the real meat of material creation. The stuff that you not just want to know, but need to know in order to get 3ds Max to do the most for you. We will be looking at all kinds of stuff, from both material and shader types, to breaking down the material tree, experimenting with how a map will look and act different, all depending on what branch or map channel it's loaded on to. We will be exploring the many ways that you can move and position a skin's design along a surface. Not just using the standard techniques that Max offers, but also the more advanced mapping methods, playing around with the unwrap UVW modifier and peltmapping, producing realistic glass and reflections, composite maps, creating decals, making skins glow.

It's all here too. And in order to make sure we pull it all together, we'll also be working on a handful of real world projects, each designed to incorporate the techniques and principles learned over the course of the title. So we have got a lot ahead of us. A journey that I think you'll find not just fun, but also extremely helpful as you strive to build the best skins possible. I appreciate you coming along for the ride. Let's see what we can do.

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