Character Animation: 3ds Max

with George Maestri
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Character Animation: 3ds Max
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Character Animation Fundamentals in 3ds Max demonstrates the basic principles of character animation that help bring simple 3D characters to life. Starting with an overview of the character rig, author George Maestri provides guidelines for creating strong poses and explains how to animate from pose to pose in an organized fashion. The course also covers locomotion—animating realistic gestures, walks, and runs; explores the basics of facial expressions and dialogue; and culminates with an animated scene built entirely from scratch.

Topics include:
  • Posing digital characters
  • Creating stock poses
  • Understanding forces, character motion, and secondary motion
  • Keyframing initial poses
  • Animating weight shifts and pose-to-pose transitions
  • Animating walks and runs
  • Adding personality to a walk
  • Animating facial movement: blinks, head turns, and mouth movement
  • Animating an entire scene
3D + Animation
3ds Max


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm George Maestri and welcome to Character Animation Fundamentals in 3ds Max. Character animation is a very deep topic. You can spend a lifetime animating characters. But we're just gonna get you started animating your first characters in this course. We're gonna start off by understanding the value of strong poses. And then, we're gonna animate some characters in motion. We're gonna understand how forces affect characters. After that, we're gonna do some pose to pose animation.

We're gonna animate characters between some strong poses. After that, we'll understand how to walk characters and make exaggerated walk cycles. Then, we'll go ahead and concentrate on runs, and get your character running in place. Finally, we're work on facial animation and dialogue. We're gonna animate a simple line of dialogue. And then we're going to animate the entire character speaking a line of dialogue. So, with that, let's go ahead and get started with Character Animation Fundamentals in 3ds Max.

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