Animating for Unity 3D in 3ds Max

with Adam Crespi
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Animating for Unity 3D in 3ds Max
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Learn how to establish a clear production pipeline to transition your characters from 3ds Max to the Unity 3D game engine. Author Adam Crespi shows you how to export three different rig systems from 3ds Max (standard bone, Character Studio, and CAT), define what parts of the model transition over, and verify and configure the import in Unity. Plus, learn to split clips and transition between states with Unity's Mecanim animation system.

Topics include:
  • Setting pivot points
  • Using standard naming conventions
  • Setting the root node
  • Position object for export
  • Exporting the animation
  • Testing the animation in Unity
  • Setting states and transitions in Mecanim
3D + Animation
3ds Max Unity


- [Voiceover] Hi I'm Adam Crespi, and welcome to Animating for Unity 3D in 3ds Max. In this course we'll look at moving animations from 3ds Max into Unity. We'll explore the three different rig systems: standard bones, Character Studio, and CAT objects. And we'll get them all into Unity reliably. Along the way we'll look at what animations go in and what don't. We'll introduce Macanim. And we'll provide ways to verify the animation.

To make sure it all came across, and to split it into clips that we can call in states in Mecanim. Now let's get started with Animating for Unity 3D in 3ds Max.

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