Modeling a Character in 3ds Max

with Ryan Kittleson
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Modeling a Character in 3ds Max
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Modeling a Character in 3ds Max with Ryan Kittleson covers the process of designing and building a 3D human character that can be used for feature film, broadcast, and games. The course begins with an overview of the 3ds Max tools and techniques used in character modeling, and how human anatomy is represented using 3D geometry. Once this foundation is in place, the rest of the course goes step by step through the actual process used to model a simple human character from the ground up, including facial features, musculature, and details such as hair and clothing.

Topics include:
  • Extruding edges and faces
  • Working symmetrically
  • Setting up the image planes
  • Creating the basic facial structure and features
  • Modeling and fleshing out the body
  • Creating the hair with extruded NURBS curves
  • Modeling clothes
  • Putting on finishing touches
  • Understanding UVW maps and seams
  • Dealing with UVW maps across multiple objects
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3ds Max


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Ryan Kittleson and I'd like to welcome you to Modeling a Character in 3ds Max. In this course, I'll show you how to take advantage of 3ds Max's powerful tools to model a character, get it ready for rigging and texturing, and, above all, how to make one that really looks great. First, I'm going to demonstrate some of the most commonly used tools in character modeling, like Swift Loop and Extrude and how they can be used to build a character. Then I'll show you how to break down your character into bite size pieces for easy modeling like building the head separately from the teeth.

I'll teach you how to refine your models to professional standards. I'm going to model the character one part at a time and show you how these skills and tools apply in practice to create a finished body, hair and clothes of our character. In my years of modeling characters and experience in teaching character modeling, I've come up with this method that is straightforward and easy to follow. So let's get to it with Modeling a Character in 3ds Max.

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