Creating Urban Game Environments in 3ds Max

with Adam Crespi
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Creating Urban Game Environments in 3ds Max
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Follow a practical guide to building 3D cityscapes for games. IAuthor Adam Crespi constructs a city block in 3ds Max utilizing low-polygon modeling and advanced texturing techniques. The course shows how to model common city elements such as buildings, intersections, curbs, and roofs and explains how to expand a city quickly and easily by reusing existing geometry in a modular way. The course also sheds light on simulating real-world detail with baking, lighting, and ambient occlusion techniques and offers a series of best practices for exporting to the Unity gaming engine.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the design process and software requirements
  • Analyzing concept art for texture and key shadow detail
  • Planning differently styled buildings
  • Laying out city blocks
  • Organizing construction elements and models using layers
  • Cloning geometry and texture
  • Testing the module for correct floor-to-floor heights
  • Arranging, aligning and cloning modular elements
  • Building a texture library
  • Creating stone, wood, and brick textures
  • Constructing texture sheets
  • Drawing detail
  • Using occlusion as a foundation for dirt
  • Preparing for Unity as a world builder
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Adam Crespi and welcome to Creating Urban Game Environments in 3ds Max. In this course, we'll look at the design and construction of a piece of a city for use in a game. I'll start by showing you how to think about the elements you'll need, looking at the design and evolution of a city, and marking out the parts to model. We'll take a look at low polygon modeling techniques, with an emphasis on modular construction and reuse of pieces. We'll also take a look at texturing techniques, including painting textures by hand.

Additionally, we'll look at techniques for baking, lighting and ambient occlusion, to get realism into the game. Lastly, we'll talk about best practices for exporting out to Unity. In this course you should have good working knowledge of 3ds Max, Photoshop, and Unity. Now let's get started creating an urban game environment.

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