3ds Max 2011 New Features

with Steve Nelle
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3ds Max 2011 New Features
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In 3ds Max 2011 New Features, author Steve Nelle introduces the new features and productivity enhancements in 3ds Max 2011, with a special emphasis on the Slate Material Editor and CAT character animation system. The course examines enhancements to existing features, customization options to the modeling ribbon, scene management improvements, as well as creating scene objects using the Object Paint tool. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Using Caddies
  • Slate Material Editor Overview
  • Building a node-based shader
  • Understanding the CAT (Character Animation Tools) plug-in
  • Building and animating CATRigs
  • Using the Viewport Canvas
  • Rendering with the Quicksilver Hardware renderer
  • Using the SketchUp importer
3D + Animation
3ds Max


- [Voiceover] Hi, my name is Steve Nelle and welcome to 3ds Max 2011 New Features. Autodesk has really outdone itself with the latest release of 3ds Max. Adding tool sets and features that are designed to not just streamline your production workflow, but to also make many of the most often used tasks and techniques both quicker and easier. And we've got so many things to show you from the customizability of the graphite modeling ribbon, to the brand new slate material editor, designed for creating complex materials using a more node-based paradigm. We'll talk about the new editable poly command caddies, in addition to showing you a thing or two about a both fun and useful tool Object Paint.

Making the ability to create or paint objects across the scene possible for the very first time in Max. For you character animators, wait until you check out CAT. The new full integrated character animation tools enabling you to quickly not just rig but also animate multi-legged characters. Pre-configured rigs, seamlessly looping procedural walk cycles, and get this, walk cycles with attitude. Being able to not just get a character up and moving, but doing so with a little added flair and personality. There's a new Save As Previous feature for your save files, a significantly improved Viewport canvas, even an exciting new way to render using the powerful hardware based Quicksilver rendering system capable of creating near-production quality results ten times faster than traditional methods of rendering.

Bottom line there's an absolute ton of new bells and whistles. So thanks for joining me, let's get rolling with 3ds Max 2011 New Features.

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