3ds Max 2010 New Features

with Steve Nelle
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3ds Max 2010 New Features
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3ds Max is the industry leader for 3D modeling and animation, and the 2010 version of this application offers a load of new tools and features. In 3ds Max 2010 New Features, Steve Nelle explores many of the cutting-edge features in this major release. Steve introduces users to the redesigned interface, the brand-new Modeling Ribbon, and many other advancements designed to improve scene interactivity and production workflow. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using the Application button and QuickAccess toolbar
  • Understanding the Viewport changes and shading enhancements
  • Understanding and customizing the Modeling Ribbon
  • Managing materials with the new Material Explorer
  • Exploring improvements to the Mental Ray Render Frame window
  • Adding multiple soundtracks using ProSound
3D + Animation
3ds Max


- Hi, my name's Steve Nelle and I'd like to welcome you to 3ds Max 2010 New Features. We're gonna be taking a look at some of the terrific new additions to the 3ds Max tool set. Features and options that I'm sure you'll be able to apply to your projects right away, whether you're a seasoned vet or brand new to the game of 3D. In addition to testing out the new look interface, we're gonna have an opportunity to delve into a wide range of new improvements. Everything from updated scene management and view port shading controls, to some cool new tools specific to materials and rendering and sound and using the character studio bypad.

We'll also be taking a look at what many feel is one of the most exciting additions to the 3ds Max modeling arsenal in quite some time, and that's the graphite modeling ribbon. A truly new innovation in both concept and design, that's bound to change the way you work when building models for your scene. A healthy dose of brand new stuff that will certainly leave you smiling when using 3ds Max. Now let's get started with 3ds Max 2010 New Features.

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