3ds Max 2009 Beyond the Basics

with Steve Nelle
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3ds Max 2009 Beyond the Basics
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Picking up where 3ds Max 2009 Essential Training left off, 3ds Max 2009 Beyond the Basics thoroughly explores materials, lights and cameras, animation techniques, rendering, special FX, and more. Those new to 3D animation will gain the most by simply working through the chapters in sequence, while experienced users can jump directly to a particular subject of interest. Lessons are reinforced with projects that apply each new technique to a real-world scenario. Instructor Steve Nelle also shares valuable tips and insights gained during his years of working as a professional animator. As he says, "There's a lot more to becoming an animator than simply knowing which button to push!" Example files accompany the course.

Special Note: Fundamental 3D modeling concepts and techniques, along with features such as transformations and modifiers, are covered in 3ds Max 2009 Essential Training.

Topics include:
  • Building simple, complex, and multi/sub-object materials
  • Using bitmaps to create realistic bumps, reflections, and transparency
  • Creating lights to effectively illuminate a 3D scene
  • Understanding camera types, lens lengths, and motion blur
  • Creating realistic movement with keyframing
  • Mastering traditional animation principles and practices
  • Applying ActiveShade, RAM Player, and other rendering techniques
  • Using particle systems, space warps, reactors, and other special effects
  • Getting to know Character Studio, Bones, and their associated "skinning" modifiers
  • Using compositing techniques and effects
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Hi, my name is Steve Nelle and welcome to 3ds Max 2009 Beyond the Basics. Grab a hold of that mouse, and get ready for an in-depth look of some of the really cool stuff you can do using the most popular 3d animation program on the planet today. We are talking of course about 3ds Max. Now the lynda.com Beyond the Basics Training is designed to basically pick up where the 3ds Max 2009 Essential Training left off. So we now look forward to covering a wide range of topics that are designed with both the beginner and advanced user in mind. We will be going over everything, from making materials, to lighting, to animating the things that you build.

Heck, we might even throw on a few special effects and character animation tricks into the mix to round things out. Now if you are new to the world of 3D animation, make sure you first check out the 3ds Max 2009 Essential Training, over at the lynda.com Online Training Library. That will ensure that you are comfortable with the general concepts and techniques we'll be using as we work through the Beyond the Basics material. So let's go ahead and kick this thing into gear. It's going to be me and you for the next couple of hours, and I think you are in for a real treat.

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