Digital Anarchy Demonstration

with Jim Tierney
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Digital Anarchy Demonstration
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Digital Anarchy was created to develop high quality plug-ins at realistic prices. Our filter sets are small, but packed with creative functionality.

These movies demonstrate some of the exciting effects that can be created easily with two of Digital Anarchy's powerful tools, 3D Assistants and Primatte.

3D Assistants are keyframe assistants that give you the ability to manage, arrange and animate 3D layers within After Effects' 3D space. In these movies you'll discover how to use the 3D Assistants' Cylinder Creator, Cubic Distribution, Matrix Creator, and Cylinder Distribution to create a variety of effects: a virtual cylindrical cathedral arranged from hundreds of layers, an explosion of layers, video walls, a spiral tunnel of layers with After Effects' 3D camera flying through, and much more.

Primatte is a chromakey compositing plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Jasc Paint Shop Pro and other applications, which allows you to quickly and easily pull a mask from a subject photographed against a blue or green screen. In these movies you'll learn the basics of using Primatte, as well as advanced techniques for making difficult masks much easier and obtaining masks from transparent objects.

3D + Animation
Digital Anarchy

cylinder creator

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