Microsoft Office 2010


Word 2010

Word 2010 Essential TrainingBeginner08h 03m06/2010
Learning Word 2010Beginner03h 47m04/2013
Word 2010 Power ShortcutsIntermediate04h 00m05/2012
Word 2010: Styles in DepthIntermediate03h 12m10/2011
Up and Running with Word 2010Appropriate for all01h 58m11/2012
Word 2010: Forms in DepthIntermediate02h 04m05/2011
Creating a Mail Merge in Word 2010Intermediate02h 12m01/2013
Building Templates in WordIntermediate01h 37m04/2012
Building Blocks and Macros in WordIntermediate02h 23m04/2012
Word 2010: Mail Merge in DepthIntermediate01h 31m09/2010

Excel 2010

Excel 2010 Essential TrainingBeginner06h 21m06/2010
Up and Running with Excel 2010Appropriate for all03h 52m01/2013
Excel 2010: Pivot Tables in DepthIntermediate03h 42m04/2011
Up and Running with VBA in ExcelAdvanced03h 00m06/2010
Excel 2010: Advanced Formulas and FunctionsAdvanced05h 05m12/2010
Excel 2010 Power ShortcutsIntermediate03h 43m08/2010
Excel 2010: Charts in DepthIntermediate03h 38m06/2011
Managing and Analyzing Data in Excel 2010Appropriate for all01h 32m10/2011
Excel 2010: Macros in DepthIntermediate02h 44m01/2011
Excel 2010: Financial Functions in DepthIntermediate02h 18m06/2011

PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 Essential TrainingBeginner03h 24m06/2010
Camtasia Studio 8 Essential TrainingBeginner06h 19m10/2012
PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Business PresentationsIntermediate02h 55m01/2012
Up and Running with PowerPoint 2010Appropriate for all03h 09m01/2013
PowerPoint 2010 Power ShortcutsIntermediate02h 39m05/2012
PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in DepthIntermediate04h 38m09/2011
PowerPoint 2010 New FeaturesAppropriate for all01h 07m05/2010
PowerPoint 2010: Real-World ProjectsAppropriate for all34m 09s01/2010
Migrating from PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2010Appropriate for all01h 02m08/2010

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 Essential TrainingBeginner02h 55m06/2010
Outlook 2010 Power ShortcutsIntermediate02h 28m01/2011
Outlook 2010: Time Management with Calendar and TasksIntermediate02h 27m01/2012
Outlook 2010: Effective Email ManagementIntermediate01h 44m08/2010
Outlook Web App (OWA) 2010 Essential TrainingBeginner03h 27m04/2013
Outlook 2010 New FeaturesAppropriate for all46m 02s05/2010
Outlook 2010: Real-World ProjectsAppropriate for all15m 34s01/2010
Migrating from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010Appropriate for all52m 10s09/2010

Access 2010

Access 2010 Essential TrainingBeginner03h 30m06/2010
Up and Running with VBA in AccessAdvanced04h 38m10/2011
Access 2010: Forms and Reports in DepthIntermediate03h 07m02/2012
Access 2010: Queries in DepthIntermediate03h 02m06/2011
Access 2010 Power ShortcutsIntermediate03h 43m02/2011
Access 2010: Real-World ProjectsAppropriate for all28m 34s01/2010
Access 2010 New FeaturesIntermediate36m 35s05/2010
Migrating from Access 2003 to Access 2010Appropriate for all57m 29s08/2010

OneNote 2010

OneNote 2010 Essential TrainingBeginner04h 10m06/2010
OneNote 2010 New FeaturesAppropriate for all01h 15m05/2010

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Essential TrainingBeginner06h 58m06/2010
SharePoint Designer 2010: Building Custom WorkflowsIntermediate04h 44m08/2012
InfoPath 2010 Essential TrainingBeginner06h 05m06/2011
SharePoint 2010 Getting StartedBeginner02h 29m05/2010
SharePoint Designer 2010: Branding SharePoint SitesIntermediate04h 54m11/2011
Managing Documents with SharePoint 2010Beginner01h 14m10/2012
SharePoint 2010 for Site Champions and Power UsersIntermediate02h 03m01/2014
SharePoint Designer 2010: Creating Data-Driven Web PagesIntermediate02h 55m05/2011
SharePoint 2010 New FeaturesIntermediate01h 59m05/2010 library Subscription Benefits
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“We’ve made it a priority to release Microsoft® Office 2010 courses at product launch to give both new and experienced Office 2010 users an advantage in maximizing their software.”

Lynda Weinman,
cofounder of

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