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Implementing Colorbox on your site


jQuery for Web Designers

with Joe Chellman

Video: Implementing Colorbox on your site

Implementing Colorbox on your site provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Joe Chellman as part of the jQuery for Web Designers
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  1. 2m 17s
    1. Welcome
      1m 4s
    2. What you should know
    3. Using the exercise files
  2. 11m 59s
    1. jQuery is a JavaScript library?
      1m 15s
    2. When to use jQuery
      2m 51s
    3. Alternatives to jQuery
      1m 24s
    4. Which version of jQuery to use
      1m 50s
    5. How to install jQuery
      3m 21s
    6. Reference materials
      1m 18s
  3. 19m 19s
    1. Getting ready
      2m 26s
    2. Selecting elements to use
      3m 54s
    3. Performing multiple operations on the same line with chaining
      2m 30s
    4. Using classes to find what you're looking for
      3m 52s
    5. Adding, modifying, and removing content dynamically
      4m 3s
    6. Challenge: Form feedback
      1m 12s
    7. Solution: Form feedback
      1m 22s
  4. 18m 28s
    1. Triggering a change based on activity with event binding
      4m 37s
    2. Reading and changing values
      4m 17s
    3. Working with HTML attributes
      4m 55s
    4. Challenge: Dynamic contact form
      1m 27s
    5. Solution: Dynamic contact form
      3m 12s
  5. 16m 42s
    1. Using the Colorbox plugin to build a slideshow gallery
      4m 22s
    2. Implementing Colorbox on your site
      2m 46s
    3. Changing Colorbox options
      5m 53s
    4. Challenge: Convert to a slideshow
      1m 6s
    5. Solution: Convert to a slideshow
      2m 35s
  6. 28m 37s
    1. Using jQuery or CSS to animate elements
      2m 24s
    2. Creating simple jQuery animations
      4m 35s
    3. Animating numeric properties with animate()
      4m 56s
    4. Understanding animation easing
      4m 4s
    5. Putting it together: Flowers in the cart
      6m 4s
    6. Callbacks: What to do when the animation ends
      3m 27s
    7. Challenge: Improve the animation
      1m 3s
    8. Solution: Improve the animation
      2m 4s
  7. 4m 45s
    1. More fun plugins
      2m 38s
    2. What's next: More jQuery
    3. What's next: More JavaScript
      1m 17s

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Watch the Online Video Course jQuery for Web Designers
Video Duration: 2m 46s1h 42m Intermediate Oct 31, 2013

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Take the next step in your web design career with jQuery, which amplifies JavaScript's power and puts a library of prebuilt functions and a diverse selection of plugins at web designers' fingertips. This course explains what jQuery is, how to install it, and use it to script more interesting, interactive websites. Author Joe Chellman will show you how to use jQuery to add web form usability, audio and video, animation, and other features like slideshow galleries to your existing HTML and CSS-based webpages.

Check out JavaScript for Web Designers for more detailed instruction on JavaScript.

Topics include:
  • What is jQuery?
  • Installing jQuery
  • Performing multiple operations with chaining
  • Using classes
  • Adding, modifying, and removing content dynamically
  • Triggering a change with event binding
  • Creating a dynamic contact form
  • Building a slideshow gallery
  • Creating simple jQuery animations
Joe Chellman

Implementing Colorbox on your site

Now that we have Colorbox installed it's time to actually use it for something. One of my favorite parts about Colorbox is that it has very good examples. Keeping that in mind the easiest way to implement a plugin I think is to steal an example and modify it for your own purposes. So here in the usage section we have a very basic example of showing images in a group, so let's copy that and bring it over to our site. Here I am in my colorbox.html file. I'm going jump down to the JavaScript, and so here, soon as the page is ready, I'm going to try opening something in a Colorbox.

I'm actually going to get rid of this grouping, we're going to just go for as basic as possible. But I have no idea if this selector is going to work right now, so let's look for the right one. I'm going split the view so I can see both of these at once. I'm going to scroll up a little bit to where the goods are. Okay, here's an example. So the way this is supposed to work is when I click this link instead of loading the picture in its own little browser window. I want it to load in the Colorbox. So I can see that the default implementation involves clicking a link. And that is what we want, but we don't want every link on the page and we don't want to use the gallery class because we don't actually have one.

We could add one, but the better way is to modify the selector to work on what we actually want. So, what I want is to use this flower items ID. So this selector will select all of the anchor tags, that is the links inside the flower items ID, and then get Colorbox going. Now, performance purposes, it's better to keep the ID by itself in the jQuery selector and then limit it afterwards with a filter. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to use the find filter to collect all the anchor tags inside that ID and then turn on Colorbox. So let's save this and switch back over and reload.

There we go. This loads up a single image in the Colorbox. Now this site has existing Colorbox styles because Colorbox is used on other parts of this Website. So these aren't any of the example styles, they're ones that are customized just for this Hansel and Petal site. But you can see it does work. This is excellent. Now we can add back in that section that does the grouping, so let's revisit the examples, and copy this out again. So I can recognize this as a JavaScript object, of course. Now, this grouping object, it's called rel for historical reasons because of other lightbox style plugins that came before Colorbox.

What this is doing is just marking these selected items as being part of a group, so that when you open the Colorbox on one of them, you'll be able to page through all of them. So, we'll save this, switch back over to the browser. Reload my page, if I click one of these now. I can page through them using the arrow keys, or these on screens arrows. Again, these styles are part of the Hansel and Petal installation that were made by its original designer. So, that's a look at how to do a basic implementation of Colorbox just by copying the examples. With any of the halfway decently written jquery plugins, you might be able to do nothing more than this and get everything you need.

There are currently no FAQs about jQuery for Web Designers.

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