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iPhone and iPod touch iOS 5 Essential Training

with Garrick Chow

Video: Welcome

In-depth instruction on all aspects of the Apple iPhone and iPod touch (OS 5.0): making calls, emailing, browsing the web, managing time, getting around town, taking notes, shooting photos, and listening to music.
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  1. 5m 3s
    1. Welcome
      1m 13s
    2. Upgrading to iOS 5
      3m 50s
  2. 42m 59s
    1. A tour around the iPhone and iPod touch
      6m 39s
    2. The Home screen and Home button
      2m 43s
    3. Organizing apps on the Home screen with folders
      1m 11s
    4. Running apps and multitasking
      3m 47s
    5. Choosing and controlling sounds
      3m 24s
    6. Learning finger gestures
      3m 35s
    7. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
      2m 47s
    8. Using the Notification Center
      4m 13s
    9. Using Twitter
      3m 21s
    10. Charging the battery
      2m 54s
    11. Setting up an iTunes account
      3m 15s
    12. Printing from an iPhone using AirPrint
      2m 6s
    13. Displaying the iPhone screen on a TV
      3m 4s
  3. 14m 16s
    1. Understanding the keyless keyboard
      1m 57s
    2. Fixing typos and trusting autocorrect
      6m 11s
    3. Select, copy, paste, and undo
      3m 13s
    4. Hidden shortcuts
      1m 12s
    5. Syncing a Bluetooth keyboard
      1m 43s
  4. 32m 33s
    1. Getting the latest version of iTunes
      1m 44s
    2. Connecting your iPhone to a Mac or PC
      5m 10s
    3. Syncing music, movies, and ringtones
      6m 40s
    4. Syncing photos from a Mac
      4m 37s
    5. Syncing photos from a PC
      3m 30s
    6. Syncing contacts and calendars from a Mac
      2m 57s
    7. Syncing contacts and calendars from a PC
      2m 49s
    8. Backup options
      3m 15s
    9. Wireless syncing
      1m 51s
  5. 59m 59s
    1. Basic phone activities
      2m 41s
    2. Adding and managing Favorites
      2m 22s
    3. Accessing voicemail
      3m 39s
    4. Receiving calls
      2m 44s
    5. Using the iPhone during a call
      5m 17s
    6. Using FaceTime
      4m 28s
    7. Making conference calls
      2m 30s
    8. Adding recent calls to your contacts
      2m 37s
    9. Sharing contacts
      2m 34s
    10. Assigning specific photos and ringtones to contacts
      4m 31s
    11. Using the included headset
      2m 35s
    12. Connecting a Bluetooth headset
      4m 0s
    13. Forwarding your calls
      1m 43s
    14. Turning Call Waiting on and off
      1m 4s
    15. Turning Caller ID on and off
      1m 9s
    16. Creating custom ringtones with iTunes
      6m 17s
    17. Texting, MMS, and iMessage
      9m 48s
  6. 31m 5s
    1. Importing email accounts from a computer
      1m 55s
    2. Setting up Exchange, MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL email accounts
      3m 37s
    3. Setting up other email accounts
      2m 8s
    4. Keeping email synced with your computer
      4m 36s
    5. Composing email
      4m 4s
    6. Receiving and reading email
      6m 47s
    7. Searching your mailboxes
      2m 21s
    8. Setting email options
      5m 37s
  7. 26m 35s
    1. Web browsing with Safari
      7m 5s
    2. Saving bookmarks and viewing the History list
      5m 22s
    3. Saving images
      2m 34s
    4. Filling out forms and using autofill
      3m 48s
    5. Creating Web Clips
      2m 29s
    6. Using Reader and the Reading List
      1m 47s
    7. Internet tethering
      3m 30s
  8. 27m 9s
    1. Browsing your library
      2m 40s
    2. Playing and controlling music
      6m 30s
    3. Playing and controlling videos
      3m 23s
    4. Using the included earbud controls
      2m 55s
    5. Adjusting your iPod settings
      5m 13s
    6. Browsing and buying with the iTunes app
      3m 15s
    7. Using AirPlay to stream content wirelessly from an iPhone to an Apple TV or AirPort Express
      3m 13s
  9. 39m 13s
    1. Shooting still photos with your iPhone
      7m 32s
    2. Shooting better photos using HDR and grid lines
      2m 56s
    3. Viewing and editing still images
      7m 16s
    4. Customizing your wallpaper
      3m 20s
    5. Shooting video
      2m 54s
    6. Viewing and editing video
      2m 28s
    7. Taking screenshots
      1m 14s
    8. Sharing photos and video
      5m 8s
    9. Geotagging photos
      4m 26s
    10. Creating photo albums
      1m 59s
  10. 19m 7s
    1. Getting your location with Maps
      2m 32s
    2. Finding addresses and nearby businesses
      2m 42s
    3. Bookmarking locations
      2m 26s
    4. Getting directions
      5m 19s
    5. Showing traffic and alternate maps
      1m 46s
    6. Using Street View
      2m 11s
    7. Using the Compass app
      2m 11s
  11. 18m 9s
    1. Adding events to your calendar
      5m 14s
    2. Subscribing to calendars
      1m 45s
    3. Setting Time Zone support
      2m 8s
    4. Using the Clock app
      5m 27s
    5. Setting reminders
      3m 35s
  12. 6m 39s
    1. Using the Notes app
      2m 55s
    2. Using the Voice Memos app
      3m 44s
  13. 7m 38s
    1. Using the Stocks app
      2m 29s
    2. Using the Calculator app
    3. Using the YouTube app
      2m 54s
    4. Using the Weather app
      1m 25s
  14. 17m 13s
    1. Understanding the App Store
      4m 36s
    2. Browsing the App Store on the iPhone or iPod touch
      5m 24s
    3. Purchasing apps
      6m 35s
    4. Finding app settings
  15. 16m 1s
    1. Airplane mode
      1m 40s
    2. Wi-Fi
      3m 25s
    3. Brightness
    4. About
      2m 24s
    5. Usage
      3m 46s
    6. Date and time settings
      1m 10s
    7. Restrictions
      2m 41s
  16. 12m 24s
    1. Auto-lock
      1m 22s
    2. Passcode lock
      4m 37s
    3. Find My iPhone
      6m 25s
  17. 17m 22s
    1. Introducing Siri
      6m 8s
    2. Listening and responding to messages
      1m 36s
    3. Setting reminders
      2m 18s
    4. Dictating in apps
      1m 50s
    5. Voice control for non-iPhone 4S devices
      5m 30s
  18. 16m 0s
    1. Begin by restarting
      1m 2s
    2. Force-quitting apps
    3. Rebooting
    4. Resetting
      2m 15s
    5. Erasing and restoring
      4m 33s
    6. Checking for updates
      1m 39s
    7. Extending battery life
      5m 14s
  19. 29s
    1. Next steps

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iPhone and iPod touch iOS 5 Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 6h 49m Beginner


In this course, Garrick Chow provides in-depth instruction on all aspects of the Apple iPhone and iPod touch (OS 5.0): making calls, emailing, browsing the web, managing time, getting around town, taking notes, shooting photos, and listening to music. New features in iOS 5, including iMessage, the streamlined Notification Center, and Apple's new online storage solution, iCloud, are discussed in depth. The course also includes hands-on demonstrations of how to accurately type and efficiently use finger gestures, and includes tips for setting up the iPhone and iPod touch so they behave as expected. An extensive section on troubleshooting helps when the occasional glitches happen.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the touchscreen interface
  • Setting up iPhone and iPod touch preferences
  • Synching with a Mac or PC
  • Typing with the intelligent keyboard
  • Making phone calls and retrieving voicemail
  • Finding a location with Maps
  • Downloading and playing music and video
  • Shooting and editing photos and video
  • Using accessibility features
  • Tweeting on the iPhone
  • Locating a lost iPhone with Find My iPhone
  • Sending free text messages with iMessage
  • Finding and purchasing applications from the App Store
  • Troubleshooting


Hello and welcome to iPhone and iPod touch Essential Training. I'm Garrick Chow. The iPhone is one of the most popular, powerful and easy-to-use smart phones on the market today and the iPod touch is basically an iPhone without the phone, running the same operating system in apps. In this course, we're going to take a detailed look in all the most important features of both of these devices. We'll start by exploring the external controls and the touch screen interface getting you up the speed with essential skills like opening and closing apps and typing with the keyless keyboard. Then, we'll going cover the most important and frequently used applications in-depth from checking email with mail, browsing the Web with Safari, enjoying music and videos, and of course, using the incredibly robust phone features.

We'll also look at how to find and install any of over 500,000 additional apps from the App Store to further enhance and extend the capabilities of your device. And we'll wrap up with an in-depth look at important preferences and settings as well as tips for troubleshooting your device when necessary. This course will show you all the essential skills you need to not just use your device but to use it effectively while taking an advantage of all the powerful features it has to offer. Now, let's get started with iPhone and iPod touch Essential Training.

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