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Running apps and multitasking

Running apps and multitasking provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Cho… Show More

iPhone and iPod touch iOS 4 Essential Training

with Garrick Chow

Video: Running apps and multitasking

Running apps and multitasking provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iPhone and iPod touch iOS 4 Essential Training
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  1. 4m 0s
    1. Welcome
      1m 52s
    2. Upgrading to iOS 4
      2m 8s
  2. 34m 12s
    1. A tour around the iPhone and the iPod Touch
      6m 54s
    2. The Home screen and the Home button
      2m 56s
    3. Organizing apps on the Home screen with folders
      1m 16s
    4. Running apps and multitasking
      4m 1s
    5. Choosing and controlling sounds
      3m 17s
    6. Learning finger gestures
      3m 53s
    7. Connecting to a wi-fi network
      2m 55s
    8. Charging the iPhone or iPod Touch
      3m 11s
    9. Setting up an iTunes Store account on an iPhone or iPod Touch
      3m 24s
    10. Printing from an iPhone using AirPrint
      2m 25s
  3. 15m 3s
    1. Understanding the keyless keyboard
      1m 59s
    2. Fixing typos and trusting auto-correction
      6m 44s
    3. Select, Copy, Paste, and Undo
      3m 13s
    4. Hidden shortcuts
      1m 29s
    5. Syncing a Bluetooth keyboard
      1m 38s
  4. 26m 34s
    1. Making sure you have the latest version of iTunes
      1m 27s
    2. Connecting your iPhone to your Mac or PC
      4m 20s
    3. Syncing music, movies, and ringtones
      7m 16s
    4. Syncing photos from a Mac
      4m 56s
    5. Syncing photos from a PC
      2m 48s
    6. Syncing contacts and calendars from a Mac
      3m 0s
    7. Syncing contacts and calendars from a PC
      2m 47s
  5. 1h 3m
    1. Basic phone activities
      2m 17s
    2. Adding and managing Favorites
      3m 0s
    3. Accessing voicemail
      3m 45s
    4. Receiving calls
      2m 41s
    5. Using the iPhone during a call
      5m 9s
    6. Using FaceTime for video calls
      3m 55s
    7. Making conference calls
      2m 27s
    8. Adding recent calls to your contacts
      2m 5s
    9. Sharing contacts
      2m 20s
    10. Assigning specific photos and ringtones to your contacts
      2m 49s
    11. Using the speakerphone
      1m 23s
    12. Using the included headset
      2m 52s
    13. Connecting a Bluetooth headset
      3m 51s
    14. Forwarding your calls
      1m 41s
    15. Turning call waiting on and off
      1m 1s
    16. Turning caller ID on and off
      1m 8s
    17. Creating custom ringtones with iTunes
      6m 17s
    18. Creating a vibrate-then-ring ringtone
      5m 13s
    19. Voice dialing
      3m 6s
    20. Sending, receiving, and managing text and MMS messages
      6m 34s
  6. 30m 9s
    1. Importing email accounts from your computer
      2m 3s
    2. Setting up Exchange, MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL email accounts
      3m 42s
    3. Setting up other types of email accounts
      2m 23s
    4. Keeping your iPhone or iPod Touch email synced with your computer
      4m 47s
    5. Composing email
      3m 9s
    6. Receiving and reading email
      6m 4s
    7. Searching your mailboxes
      2m 37s
    8. Setting mail options
      5m 24s
  7. 37m 36s
    1. Web browsing with Safari
      7m 20s
    2. Saving bookmarks and viewing the History list
      5m 55s
    3. Saving images
      2m 44s
    4. Filling out forms and using auto-fill
      3m 51s
    5. Creating Web Clips
      2m 32s
    6. Internet tethering (Mac)
      7m 22s
    7. Internet tethering (Windows)
      7m 52s
  8. 36m 16s
    1. Browsing your library
      3m 25s
    2. Playing and controlling music
      6m 49s
    3. Playing and controlling video
      3m 19s
    4. Using the included earbud controls
      3m 3s
    5. Voice-controlling your music
      3m 22s
    6. Adjusting your iPod settings
      4m 42s
    7. Creating On-The-Go and Genius playlists
      3m 48s
    8. Browsing and buying with the iTunes app
      3m 58s
    9. Using AirPlay to stream content wirelessly from an iPhone to and AppleTV or Airport Express
      3m 50s
  9. 31m 55s
    1. Shooting still photos with your iPhone
      5m 51s
    2. Viewing still images
      5m 52s
    3. Customizing your wallpaper
      3m 45s
    4. Shooting video
      2m 45s
    5. Viewing and editing video
      2m 49s
    6. Taking screenshots
      1m 15s
    7. Sharing photos and video
      5m 17s
    8. Geotagging your photos
      4m 21s
  10. 20m 49s
    1. Getting your location with Maps
      3m 57s
    2. Finding addresses and nearby businesses
      2m 51s
    3. Bookmarking locations
      2m 32s
    4. Getting directions
      5m 7s
    5. Showing traffic and alternate maps
      2m 0s
    6. Using Street View
      2m 20s
    7. Using the Compass app (iPhone 3GS only)
      2m 2s
  11. 15m 44s
    1. Adding events to your calendar
      5m 38s
    2. Subscribing to calendars
      1m 55s
    3. Setting Time Zone support
      2m 8s
    4. The Clock app
      6m 3s
  12. 6m 23s
    1. The Notes app
      2m 37s
    2. The Voice Memos app
      3m 46s
  13. 17m 26s
    1. The Stocks app
      2m 36s
    2. The Calculator app
    3. The Nike+ app
      9m 20s
    4. The YouTube app
      3m 5s
    5. The Weather app
      1m 33s
  14. 16m 40s
    1. Browsing the App Store from iTunes
      4m 28s
    2. Browsing the App Store from your device
      5m 44s
    3. Purchasing and installing apps
      5m 48s
    4. Finding App settings
  15. 17m 52s
    1. Airplane mode
      1m 41s
    2. Wi-fi
      3m 26s
    3. Notifications
      1m 24s
    4. Brightness
    5. About
      2m 25s
    6. Usage
      1m 46s
    7. Date and time settings
      1m 12s
    8. International settings
      2m 17s
    9. Restrictions
      2m 42s
  16. 18m 54s
    1. Auto-Lock
      1m 22s
    2. Passcode Lock
      4m 37s
    3. Displaying contact information
      2m 31s
    4. Find My iPhone with MobileMe
      10m 24s
  17. 17m 48s
    1. About accessibility on the iPhone and iPod Touch
    2. VoiceOver
      8m 2s
    3. Zoom
      2m 2s
    4. Setting the display to Large Text
    5. Setting the display to White On Black
      1m 7s
    6. Mono Audio
    7. Speak Auto-text
      1m 39s
    8. Triple-Click Home
      2m 33s
  18. 15m 58s
    1. Begin by restarting
      1m 4s
    2. Force-quitting applications
    3. Rebooting the iPhone or iPod Touch
    4. Resetting the iPhone or iPod Touch
      1m 44s
    5. Erasing the iPhone or iPod Touch
      2m 31s
    6. Restoring the iPhone or iPod Touch
      2m 2s
    7. Checking for updates
    8. Disabling 3G
      2m 3s
    9. Extending battery life
      4m 17s
  19. 17s
    1. Goodbye

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Running apps and multitasking
Video duration: 4m 1s 7h 7m Beginner Updated Aug 20, 2010


Running apps and multitasking provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iPhone and iPod touch iOS 4 Essential Training


Running apps and multitasking

One of the most significant new features introduced with the release of the iOS 4 operating system was multitasking. Multitasking allows you to leave multiple applications running and quickly switch between them. This lets you do things like start playing games exactly where you left off, leave GPS applications running in the background or have music apps keep playing music while you perform other tasks on your device. Multitasking is available on the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 and the second-generation iPod touch. Let's take a look at how it works. I have an app called Pandora installed on my phone. It's a popular streaming Internet music app.

So here on my iPhone running iOS 4, I can start some music playing, and once my music is playing, I can start doing other things on my phone while the music continues to play in the background. I will tab my Home button, and maybe now I want to work on some email. Or maybe I want to check the weather. As you can hear, Pandora continues to play music the entire time. Now so far, I have been switching between apps by pressing my Home button to return to the home screen and then tapping the app I want to run.

But another way is to use the Multitasking bar. You invoke multitasking by double- clicking the Home button, which opens the Multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen. Here, you will find the icons for all the apps you have most recently opened. Just tap an app to switch back to it. For example, I will tap Pandora, and I can see the status, or progress of the music that's currently playing, or in this case I will pause it. Or I can double-click again to go back to my mail and pick up right where I left off. What you will find is that all your most recent apps are going to appear in the Multitasking bar, and you can access them all by flicking the bar to the left to browse through them.

Multitasking also comes in handy when a call comes in, interrupting whatever important work you are working at the time. For example, let's say I am playing this game, and then a call comes in. Notice the game sort of gets visually shuffled back. I can answer the call, have my conversation, and when I hang up, the last app I was using, in this case the game, gets shuffled back to the front, exactly where I left off. Pretty cool! Now this doesn't mean that every single program here is running in the background and eating up processing and battery power.

First of all, apps have to be optimized by their creators to support multitasking, but many app creators have already implemented the support. Also, the apps listed here may still have to boot up from the beginning instead of where you left off, if you haven't opened them for a while. Your most recently used app should always pick up where you left off, though. Another use of the Multitasking bar is for quitting applications. Occasionally you will have an app that starts acting funny or not working properly, but since current apps are always running, you may have to force it to quit so you can reboot it. To do this, just hold down your finger on one the apps in the Multitasking bar until the icon start to wiggle.

Then tap the red Close icon on the app you're having problems with to quit it. You can then close the Multitasking bar and try starting up the app again by tapping its icon. The final features of the Multitasking bar I want to show you can be found by double-clicking the Home button to invoke multitasking and then flicking to the right, revealing music control buttons, which can control both your iPod music and certain enabled apps like Pandora when they are running. We will look at more of these controls in the chapter on using the iPod part of your phone, but this is also where you will find the orientation lock. Most applications are designed to rotate the displays when you rotate the phone.

For example, if I open Mail, I can read my mail in both portrait and landscape orientation. But sometimes you don't want the content of the apps to rotate. For example, if you like to read the iPhone in bed while lying on your side, you don't want the screen to rotate into landscape mode. So just double-click the Home button to open the Multitasking bar, flick to the right, and tap the Orientation Lock button, which locks all apps into portrait mode. Then close the Multitasking bar, and you will see the Orientation Lock icon at the top of your screen.

Now when I open mail and rotate the phone, the display remains in portrait mode. So that's how Multitasking works on the iPhone and iPod touch.

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