Drawing on the iPad with SketchBook Pro
Illustration by John Hersey

Drawing on the iPad with SketchBook Pro

with Victor Osaka

Video: Intro to sketch demo two

I want to show you the next illustration we're going to sketch. Go to layer control.

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Drawing on iPad with SketchBook Pro | Online Video Course
1h 21m Beginner Apr 18, 2014

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iPad and SketchBook Pro make a great team for quick illustrations and drawing on the go. Victor Osaka introduces techniques that will make sketching with the iPad a natural, regular part of your artistic process. Also, learn how to choose a case and stylus that are best for drawing, access SketchBook's brushes and layers, and build compositions with layered color, shading, texture, and effects.

Topics include:
  • Choosing a stylus
  • Working with brushes and layers
  • Shading and texturing
  • Using hot corners and gestures
  • Exporting your work
  • Drawing ergonomics
SketchBook Pro iPad
Victor Osaka

Intro to sketch demo two

I want to show you the next illustration we're going to sketch. It's a golden bowl with a clear glaze. We're going to use a combination of color filled layers, shadow layers, texture layers and highlight layers. The base illustration can be found exclusively in the exercise folder included with your premium lynda.com subscription. The cabinet and top have already been created for you. Let's look at the layer order. We're going to turn the layers on and off, so you can see which items and which effects are placed on each individual layer.

Go to layer control. The very top layer I have is one of the two highlight layers. You can see the effect here. The next highlight layer, I'm going to turn that off. The next layer is the inside of that drain. It has some highlights and reflections. This is the drain itself. And it's simply an ellipse shape. Here is the rim itself. And this is the shadow for the very edge of that rim. I'm going to hide that. Scroll down. And we have some of the highlights inside of the bowl.

See more of those highlights in that layer. And the shadows inside of that layer. And this is the inner bowl itself. It's just a solid ellipse. The outer rim. And the shadow of that outer rim. And now we're left with the base. But the base has a texture layer on top. And the base which is a solid flood filled color that goes away. And this is the shadow for that base. We're going to remove that. And this layer is the layer that gives our top surface a little bit of shape.

And finally, the wood cabinet itself. So, remember that onion skin analogy? I want you to visualize each of these elements as layers of tracing paper, one on top of the other. And I encourage you to watch this demo at least once before you follow along with the exercise files. So let's get drawing.

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Q: Which tablet case do you use in these tutorials? What do you look for when buying a case?
A: In the course, I am using a product called the FitFolio®, by Speck. They make this style of case for a variety of tablets, and it is one of the few that address all of my recommendations for the ideal tablet case. When choosing a tablet case you want to look for:
   - A clean, unobstructed top surface--that is, no tabs sticking up and no thick bezel that hits your hand as it moves over the top.
   - A case that is very stable when it sits on a table or flat surface.
   - A case that, when opened, allows you to rotate the table without a big flap getting in the way.
Check out the Speck FitFolio® here: http://www.speckproducts.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=fitfolio.
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