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Finding the way with Apple Maps

From: iPad Tips and Tricks

Video: Finding the way with Apple Maps

New with iOS 6 is the Maps App. Now wait a minute! There was already a Maps App, right? Well yes, there was and there is! But the old Maps App used data supplied by Google. The new Maps App is largely homegrown by Apple. Let's take a look. As before, you find the Maps App on the Home screen, and its icon looks similar to the Maps App of old. So I'll tap on it to launch it, and here's Maps. By default, you're shown the standard view of this map.

Finding the way with Apple Maps

New with iOS 6 is the Maps App. Now wait a minute! There was already a Maps App, right? Well yes, there was and there is! But the old Maps App used data supplied by Google. The new Maps App is largely homegrown by Apple. Let's take a look. As before, you find the Maps App on the Home screen, and its icon looks similar to the Maps App of old. So I'll tap on it to launch it, and here's Maps. By default, you're shown the standard view of this map.

You zoom in on the map by spreading two fingers, and then you zoom out again by pinching in with two fingers. To navigate to areas outside the current map, you just drag your finger. So I drag to the right, and the map moves to left, and I drag to the left, and the map moves to the right. Tap on the Location button at the bottom-left of the screen and your iPad will do its best to pinpoint where it is. So I'll tap Location now, and here's my location.

Tap on the dog ear icon at the bottom-right of the screen, and you'll see your View option. So tap on dog ear, and you see I'm now in the Standard View, but I can also choose Satellite View. And here's an overview of my location taken from outer space, tap on dog ear again, and I can tap on Hybrid. When I do that, you can see the roads in the area. So as I zoom in, you see the road names appear.

Let's go back to Satellite View, and let's take a trip to San Francisco. I do that by tapping in the Search Field. I type in San and my first result is San Francisco because that's not terribly far from where I am. Here's my overview of San Francisco. Let's zoom in by stretching. And you see that there is a Cities icon down in the bottom-left corner. I'll tap on that.

And now we get this 3D view of downtown San Francisco. So I can move around just as I did before by dragging my finger. But I can also rotate around the screen. I take two fingers and I move them in a rotor gesture. If I want to change the angle, I take two fingers, I'll drag up, and now I will drag down. Now if I tap on that Cities icon again, I get a strict overhead view.

In this view, again, if I pinch in, I zoom out. And to zoom in, I stretch two fingers. You notice that there is a small Compass icon in the top-right corner. I will tap on that. And when I do, my view changes, so that north is straight up on my display. Now what happens if you are not looking at a city? In that case, you have something called 3D View. So let's take a trip to Yosemite Valley and see how that works. And I can do that by tapping in the Search field, and this time I am going to enter a zip code, and I tap Search.

And here I am at Yosemite National Park. I will tap outside to make that window disappear, and let's take a look inside Yosemite Valley. I will tap on 3D in the bottom-left corner. Again, use the rotor gesture, two fingers swiped up, rotor around again, and I can see that I'm looking at Half Dome in Yosemite Valley. So it's not City View, but it works just the same way.

Again, if I tap on Compass, I turn so that I'm facing north. Now suppose that I want to drive to Yosemite. Let's zoom out. Here's my pin. I will tap on the pin, and you see that there's a little car icon. I tap on that icon, and in short order, I am given driving directions from my current location to that location. And not only am I given one set of directions, but I am actually given in this case three. So the suggested route is marked as route 1 and it's dark.

I can tap on a different route, that becomes darker, and route 2 is highlighted, or I can tap on yet another route, and I see that that's highlighted. But Satellite View isn't good for directions. So let's take a look at Standard View. So again, I will tap on the dog ear icon, tap on Standard. And here's my route in a much more readable format. So let's zoom in on this and see what's along that route. As I zoom in, not only do you see more streets, but you also see small icons representing businesses.

So I will tap on one of them, and that tells me that I am looking at a restaurant. I can find out more about that restaurant by tapping on the 'I' which is the Info icon. It shows me the name of the business, it shows me contact information such as phone, a website, the physical address, and it gives me some information from Yelp. So if I want to find out reviews for this location, I tap on Reviews, and I see Yelp reviews below.

If anyone has taken photos and uploaded them to Yelp, I tap on photos, and I can see some of those photos as well. If I wanted to add a photo, I would just tap on Add Photo, take a photo with my iPad, and I could then upload it. And we will tap on the map to get out of there. Now I've shown you one way to get directions, but there's, well, more direct way, and that's to tap on the Directions button in the top-left corner. So let's clear this, tap on Directions.

Now I can start with my current location. In this case, I don't want to. So I will type in instead San Francisco. I start typing, tap on San Francisco. Now I don't have to enter a city. I could enter a zip code. I could enter a business name. I could enter a contacts name who is in my contacts database and their address will appear here. So I want to go to San Francisco, and let's type in another zip code in the End field, and tap on Route.

And here I have a route from San Francisco to Arcata, California. Again, I'm offered a couple of different options. Now if I want to see the steps of that route, I go back down to the bottom-left corner, and tap on the list icon. And I can see all the directions that I will take to get to where I need to go. Tap outside of that to make that disappear. If I want turn-by-turn directions, for example if I am driving, I tap on the Start button. When I do that, it will show me my starting location, and it will give me some directions.

Now if I had the volume up on my iPad, I would also hear Siri's voice, and she would direct me through each step. If I want to go back to my overview, I tap on the Overview button in the top-right corner, and there's my route overview. Note that while you're driving, the turn-by-turn feature works only if you have a cellular connection. To end directions, I just tap on End. There are a couple of other things that you can do in the Directions window. So I will tap on Directions, and I am going to tap on the Walking icon. I could go for my current location, but I don't care to, instead, I am going to go from Pt Reyes, California to let's say Inverness, California.

It zooms in, and it gives me the walking direction. It tells me to traverse these 12.5 miles, it will take me about 4 hours and 2 minutes which is a good hearty walk, and it's beautiful countryside, so I don't mind. Now let's clear that and look at one other option. I will go back to Directions. This time, I'm going to tap on the Public Transportation, and let's return to San Francisco as our departure, and back to Arcata as the town we will arrive in.

Now notice that I am provided with no public transportation information. And the reason I am not is because this version of Maps, unlike previous versions, doesn't include this information. Instead, Maps presents you with a list of apps from the App Store that could possibly provide you with transit information. Just tap on one, you're taken to the App Store, and then you can download it. And we will tap the map to get out of there. Now I want to show you one other feature. In order to use that, we will go back to San Francisco.

I will zoom in on the city, and let's find a convenient intersection. I am going to put that one right about there. I will tap on the dog ear icon, and I'll drop a pin. Now when I drop this pin, it will show me the nearest address. Suppose I have parked my car there. Great! I want to be able to find it later. So I will tap on the Information icon, turns around, it shows me the address. I will now add this pin to my bookmarks.

I don't want to keep the address there, instead I will tap on the X, and I will enter Parked Car, and I will save it. Now I can walk all over the city and when I need to find my car again, all I have to do is tap on the bookmarks icon at the top of the window, and tap on Parked Car, and it will show me exactly where that is. Now of course, you can use drop pins for all kinds of things, but I find this one of the most convenient uses. And that concludes our journey through Maps.

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