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iOS Game Development with Sprite Kit

with Simon Allardice

Video: Welcome

Create 2D games with the first game engine integrated directly into the iOS SDK: Sprite Kit.
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  1. 2m 46s
    1. Welcome
    2. What you should know
      1m 47s
  2. 19m 8s
    1. Learning Sprite Kit
      2m 34s
    2. What is a scene?
      2m 24s
    3. Deconstructing the Sprite Kit project template
      7m 30s
    4. Constructing scenes with nodes
      3m 9s
    5. What is a sprite?
      3m 31s
  3. 42m 25s
    1. Introduction to the game
      1m 21s
    2. Setting up the project
      3m 10s
    3. Positioning and coordinate systems
      5m 25s
    4. Adding physics and gravity
      5m 18s
    5. Using physics bodies
      9m 12s
    6. Changing the physics world's gravity
      3m 38s
    7. Defining vectors
      4m 0s
    8. Applying forces and impulses
      3m 33s
    9. Working with friction, restitution, and damping
      6m 48s
  4. 14m 4s
    1. Adding the player sprite
      4m 33s
    2. Reacting to touches
      5m 48s
    3. Adding the brick sprites
      2m 10s
    4. Hiding the status bar
      1m 33s
  5. 29m 58s
    1. Detecting contacts and collisions
      3m 44s
    2. Using bitmasks in Sprite Kit
      8m 42s
    3. Defining categories
      3m 27s
    4. Assigning categories
      1m 41s
    5. Creating a contact test bitmask
      2m 57s
    6. Reacting to contacts
      3m 12s
    7. Detecting which bodies contacted
      6m 15s
  6. 25m 49s
    1. Playing sound effects with SKAction
      3m 48s
    2. Adding an invisible boundary
      6m 59s
    3. Creating and transitioning to a new scene
      7m 2s
    4. Refining the scene transition
      3m 5s
    5. Restarting the initial scene
      4m 55s
  7. 22m 53s
    1. Using particle emitters
      4m 57s
    2. Configuring and adding emitter nodes
      9m 21s
    3. Adding emitters to existing objects
      8m 35s
  8. 19m 58s
    1. Introduction to actions
      2m 32s
    2. Creating actions
      5m 10s
    3. Reversing actions
      5m 22s
    4. Sequencing, grouping, and repeating actions
      6m 54s
  9. 21m 54s
    1. Supporting landscape orientation
      8m 29s
    2. Reviewing the rendering loop
      3m 45s
    3. Using texture atlases
      4m 47s
    4. Animating with a texture atlas
      4m 53s
  10. 43s
    1. Goodbye

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iOS Game Development with Sprite Kit
Video Duration: 0s 3h 19m Intermediate


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Games have always been a big deal on iOS, but up to now you needed to use an external framework or library—like Cocos2D—or write your own painstaking game engine code. Now, with iOS 7, Apple has added Sprite Kit, their first-ever game engine, which is officially built into the SDK. Sprite Kit is for creating 2D games, including features for animation, particle systems, and a full physics engine.

Here, Simon Allardice shows how to create your own 2D game: building levels (aka scenes) with artwork, animation, and audio. He first explores the core concepts and vocabulary of Sprite Kit and then, by recreating examples of classic 2D games, shows how to create independent game objects with their own animations and behavior, implement collision detection, and work with physics and the powerful particle system.

Note: This course concentrates on iOS, although Sprite Kit can also be used to create games for Mac OS X.

Topics include:
  • What is a scene? What is a sprite?
  • Adding physics and gravity
  • Adding player-controlled elements with sprites
  • Reacting to contacts and collisions
  • Playing sound effects
  • Transitioning to new scenes
  • Using particle emitters
  • Creating actions
  • Supporting landscape orientation
  • Using texture atlases
iOS Xcode


Hi, I'm Simon Allardice and welcome to iOS game development with Sprite Kit. Sprite kit is brand new in iOS 7, it's the first time Apple have included a game engine built into the operating system and built into the developer tools. And we use Sprite Kit to build 2D games, or apps with game-style functionality. In this course, we'll cover just what a game engine is, and what that provides for us. We'll talk about how to architect our game into different levels, or scenes.

We'll see the best way to include game artwork from, simple shapes, to backgrounds, to animated characters. We'll explore the physics simulation in Sprite Kit. Now, we'll use the particle systems to create special effects, and we'll build gameplay logic, see how to react to collision detection, manage scoring, and work with audio effects and background music. And Sprite Kit includes a lot of new content and concepts, so I'll also talk about the best way to learn this so it sticks. All right, let's get to it.

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