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Storing and accessing passwords


iPad for Business

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Video: Storing and accessing passwords

Part of any modern business life is browsing the web Now lets go to Safari and see how this works.

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2h 15m Beginner Mar 11, 2014

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Stay productive on the go with an iPad that's configured to help you get work done—wherever you are. Christopher Breen, senior editor at Macworld, shows you how to configure and organize your iPad so it's useful for work and for play. He outlines how to connect to your email and company calendar, log into VPN to access servers at work, store passwords, and sync data between the iPad, your regular computer, and the cloud. Plus, learn how to edit Office documents with iPad-compatible apps, create and run presentations, and secure your iPad so that your data is protected and recoverable in the case of the unthinkable: your iPad is lost or stolen!

This course was created and produced by Chris Breen. We are honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:
  • Typing and dictating on the iPad
  • Setting up an Exchange account
  • Organizing and syncing contacts, events, and email
  • Using iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Giving presentations with the iPad
  • Backing up your data
  • Locating and wiping a lost iPad
Christopher Breen

Storing and accessing passwords

Part of any modern business life is browsing the web and on occasion creating and recalling passwords for particular websites. Thanks to iCloud Keychain and a third party app called One Password, you needn't memorize every password you've ever created or be taxed with coming up with new hard to guess passwords. We'll start by looking at iCloud Keychain. First tap on Settings and then tap on iCloud. In order for this to work, you must have an iCloud account. If you don't and you tap on iCloud, you'll be given the option to create an account here.

I've already created an account, so all I have to do now is tap on Keychain. Most likely, you haven't turned on iCloud Keychain. To do that, just tap the button and it will turn on and you will be asked to confirmed iCloud Keychain with your Apple ID. Once you do that, go to Safari setting, and then tap on Password & Autofill. We want to turn most of these on. I want it to use my contact info. I would like to store names and passwords. I want it to work all the time.

And, I would like it to auto fill credit cards that I've configure. And to configure those credit cards, just tap on saved credit cards, tap add credit card and then enter your information there. Now lets go to Safari and see how this works. So I'll create a new twitter account. Tap on twitter sign up button. Tap on the full name field and I see an autofill entry that appears just above the keyboard. Tap on that and it takes my personal information that's stored in iCloud Keychain, and it enters it for me.

Now I'd like to enter a password. Tap in the password field, and the suggest entry appears. I tap on that, and it tells me that Safari can suggest a password for me. And as you can see, this would be a password that would be very hard to guess. To use it, all I have to do is tap, you suggest the password. At that point, I fill out the rest of the form and tap sign up and that information is memorized for me. Now in the future when I come back to twitter's site, that information is filled in for me automatically because it's stored in iCloud Keychain, and best of all this information is synced with any other devices that are associated with my iCloud account.

Now note that this doesn't work with all websites. For security purposes, some sites won't allow passwords to be stored on a computer or on a mobile device and therefore, iCloud Keychain can't generate a password. However, agilebits ten dollar 1password can. Let's see how that works. So here's 1password, I'll enter a master password that I've already created. Tap go to unlock it. And now I'm going to create an Instapaper account because I don't already have one. I can do that by tapping on the globe icon to reveal 1password's browser.

Now to create an account, I just tap on Create an Account. And here are my forms. I like it to fill in my email for me but there doesn't seem to be an auto-fill entry unless I look at the top right corner of the screen. And here's my identity. I've already edited this, I tap on identity, and it fills in my email address for me. Now, I tap on the password field and to the right of the identify button, is a password generator. I tap that and here is a suggested password. Now, you notice this length slider. I can make this password longer or shorter simply by dragging on it.

So that's really long, and that's quite short. So let's come up with something like 18 characters. Now to enter this password, all i have to do is tap and it's entered for me, plus it is now stored in one password. So I'll close the form by tapping on the X, and let's leave the browser by tapping on the little X in the top corner. Notice that there's now a new passwords entry. When I tap on there, I can see that my Instapaper information has been entered, even though I didn't follow through with registering for the account.

If I don't wish to use one passwords browser at all times, I can launch one password and then I can tap on the site that I want the information for. So, in this case Instapaper. If I want this password I just tap on it and I have two choices. I can copy it by tapping on copy then I can launch Safari, go to that site, tap on the password field and then tap paste, and that will enter the password. Or, if I like, I can tap reveal, I can do my best to memorize all these characters, I can then go to Safari and enter those characters manually.

Let's go back to categories to show you one more thing. Both iCloud Keychain and 1Password, can do more than just generate and recall passwords. As you've seen, you can regurgitate personal information. They can also store credit card information and auto filler, where appropriate, but if you tap on the plus button while viewing 1Password's categories, you see that you can store far more information including bank account data, drivers license numbers, passport information and secure notes. And as with iCloud Keychain, you can sync 1password information between devices that you own.

It's important that you use different passwords for different sites, as you don't want a single password that can unlock your entire life. Each of these tools can help make that a reality.

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