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Extracting audio from other clips

Extracting audio from other clips provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Garrick Ch… Show More

iMovie 11 Essential Training

with Garrick Chow

Video: Extracting audio from other clips

Extracting audio from other clips provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iMovie 11 Essential Training
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  1. 1m 44s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 1m 6s
    1. Making sure you have the latest version of iMovie
      1m 6s
  3. 19m 13s
    1. Types of connections
      1m 58s
    2. Importing from a tape-based camera
      5m 40s
    3. Importing from a memory-based camera
      4m 8s
    4. Importing from a digital still camera
      3m 31s
    5. Importing from other sources
      2m 24s
    6. Capturing live action
      1m 32s
  4. 11m 55s
    1. Interface overview
      2m 8s
    2. The Event Library and Event Browser
      4m 9s
    3. Selecting and adding clips to a project
      3m 3s
    4. The toolbar
      2m 35s
  5. 23m 53s
    1. Organizing events
      4m 28s
    2. Rating clips
      3m 26s
    3. Advanced rating tools
      2m 34s
    4. Tagging with keywords
      5m 6s
    5. Automatically finding people in your clips
      2m 15s
    6. Moving events to a different hard drive
      2m 15s
    7. Deleting unwanted clips from your hard drive
      3m 49s
  6. 26m 40s
    1. Creating a new project
      2m 36s
    2. Adding clips to the project
      5m 46s
    3. Trimming and slip edits
      3m 40s
    4. Fine-tuning clips
      2m 6s
    5. Splitting clips
      3m 0s
    6. Cropping and rotating
      5m 11s
    7. The advanced Edit tool
      2m 14s
    8. Using a traditional timeline
      2m 7s
  7. 51m 55s
    1. Creating and adjusting still clips
      3m 22s
    2. Incorporating photos
      5m 48s
    3. Adjusting color
      5m 51s
    4. Using transitions
      9m 5s
    5. Adding titles
      4m 1s
    6. Using one-step effects
      2m 14s
    7. Stabilizing video
      5m 7s
    8. Using green screen effects
      7m 0s
    9. Creating movie trailers
      9m 27s
  8. 36m 21s
    1. Adjusting audio levels and position
      6m 8s
    2. Adding music and sound effects
      7m 15s
    3. Adding background music
      6m 48s
    4. Adding a voiceover
      5m 4s
    5. Extracting audio from other clips
      2m 58s
    6. Editing to the beat
      8m 8s
  9. 35m 11s
    1. Exporting to iTunes
      4m 58s
    2. Exporting to the Media Browser
      3m 37s
    3. Sharing to iDVD
    4. Publishing to a MobileMe web gallery
      4m 26s
    5. Publishing to YouTube, Vimeo, and iReport
      4m 39s
    6. Publishing to Facebook
      2m 49s
    7. Exporting QuickTime movies
      2m 29s
    8. Exporting a project for Final Cut
      2m 26s
    9. Changing published projects
    10. Finalizing your project
      2m 5s
    11. Moving a project to another Mac
      5m 54s
  10. 41s
    1. Goodbye

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Extracting audio from other clips
Video Duration: 2m 58s 3h 28m Beginner


Extracting audio from other clips provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iMovie 11 Essential Training

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In iMovie 11 Essential Training, author Garrick Chow illustrates the process of creating high-quality video using iMovie 11. The course covers the entire post-production process, from importing audio, video, and still images to adding effects, creating trailers, and sharing your finished projects on social networks. Also included are tutorials on adjusting audio levels, automatically identifying clips that include faces, and using green screen effects. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Importing footage and stills
  • Organizing and locating clips using ratings and keyword tags
  • Cropping, trimming, splitting, and fine-tuning clips
  • Inserting transitions between clips
  • Applying One-Step effects
  • Stabilizing shaky footage
  • Adding background music and voiceovers
  • Synchronizing footage to specific points of an audio track
  • Publishing content to YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook
  • Exporting movies and projects

Extracting audio from other clips

Now, I would like to show you a useful technique for extracting audio from one clip and placing it in another. This could really come in handy when the audio in one of your clips might be bad. Maybe someone said a bad word in the background, or you just want to use some music you recorded in another movie in your current project. Now you have added a lot of audio to our project in this chapter, so I am going to use the waveforms to drag their volumes down to 0, so we can hear the other sounds we'll be working with in this movie. I am going to grab Ocean Surf down to 0, Seagulls down to 0, and same with the Background Music track here. Now if you recall, in the original audio, there is one clip where our surfer is zipping up his wetsuit.

You can hear a truck pretty loudly in the background. I am going to play that for you. (truck engine) (birds chirping) And that was one of the reasons we added the iLife ocean sound effect, but sometimes--probably most times--you are not going to be able to find a conveniently built-in sound effect at your project. In those cases, you might be able to grab sounds from other parts of your shoot to replace the sounds in the clips in which you have undesirable sounds. In fact, you might want to make it a habit to film extra footage for the purpose of just capturing the ambient sounds of your shooting location.

So what I can do is listen to the audio from a couple of my other clips and try to find some ambient noises that would work over this clip. Really, I have plenty of surf sounds in my other footage. I am going to use the sound from the shot of our surfer, Tony, looking out over the waves. Let me turn on the audio on for a moment as I scheme over this. (video playing) So that's pretty good sound right there. Now rolling over this wetsuit clip, I can see this is 7.3 seconds long, so I need that many seconds of audio to place over it. In my Event Browser down here, fortunately I have 10 seconds of sound.

Now I could also grab it from another location in my project itself, but my clipping here of this shot here is only 3.8 seconds long. So in this case, I am going to grab the audio from the Event Browser. So again, this is 7.3 seconds long, so I am going to grab about 7.3 seconds worth of sound. Now to grab just the audio of the selection, I hold down the Shift key and the Command or Apple button on my keyboard. Then I just drag the selection on top of my clip, and I am going to attach to the beginning of the clip. You can look at the status that appears down here at the bottom.

You can see it currently says 0 seconds from clip start or release. If I look at down here, there is the audio that I just attached. That's it. Now, I can drag the original clip volume all the way down, so I don't really need it anymore, and let's give it a listen. (video playing) So now we no longer hear the truck noises, but we still have natural-sounding background noises with the clip, and no one would really know that what they're hearing wasn't originally recorded with this footage.

Maybe as a final touch, I will bring Seagulls sounds back up a little bit. That will help complete the illusion. (seagulls in the background) Now if I could locate the sound of a zipper being zipped up to go along for what we are seeing on screen that would probably be nice, too, but I think you get the idea. So that's how to extract and replace audio between clips.

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