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Creating a Vacation Video with iMovie

with Abba Shapiro

Video: Welcome

Shows beginning videographers how to approach capturing, editing, and sharing a family vacation video using iMovie and their own videos and photographs.
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Creating a Vacation Video with iMovie
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This course shows budding videographers how to create a family vacation video with the friendly tools in iMovie '11. It illustrates some basic camera techniques and strategies to use when recording video and how to edit the footage together to create an entertaining, fast-paced highlights reel. Author Abba Shapiro, an award-winning producer and director, also demonstrates how to grab the viewer's attention, organize and edit the footage, and add music, transitions, and still pictures to round out your story. The final chapters show how to improve the look and pacing of your videos with special effects, such as themes, picture-in-picture effects, and freeze frames.

Topics include:
  • Capturing the moment
  • Adjusting settings in iMovie
  • Cutting and editing the video
  • Reducing background noise
  • Adding and mixing music
  • Cropping or fitting a photo to the video frame
  • Correcting color
  • Stabilizing shaky video
  • Creating a split screen
  • Changing video speed


Hi! I am Abba Shapiro, and welcome to Creating a Vacation Video with iMovie. In this course, we'll look at some advanced techniques in iMovie that you can use to make an exciting vacation highlights reel of your travels with friends and family. We'll start by examining some of the best practices for shooting video while on vacation. We'll look at how to organize your story and cut it tightly to keep your audience interested. You'll learn how to record a voiceover to picture and then mix that voiceover with music and sound effects.

We'll look at incorporating your vacation photos into your video, as well as using iMovie specialized themes and titles to give your video that professional look. Finally, we'll show you how to create a few special effects such as picture-in-picture, instant replays and slow motion. In this course, I'm assuming you've already used iMovie or have gone through the iMovie Essential Training course on Now let's get started with Creating a Vacation Video with iMovie.

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