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Advanced precision editing

Advanced precision editing provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Damian Allen as p… Show More

iMovie '09 Essential Training

with Damian Allen

Video: Advanced precision editing

Advanced precision editing provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Damian Allen as part of the iMovie '09 Essential Training
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  1. 6m 25s
    1. Welcome
      1m 31s
    2. What is iMovie?
      3m 23s
    3. Using the exercise files
      1m 31s
  2. 10m 45s
    1. Importing from memory-based cameras
      5m 8s
    2. Importing from tape-based cameras
      3m 25s
    3. Importing from other sources
      2m 12s
  3. 9m 45s
    1. Skimming your video
      2m 20s
    2. Working in the Event browser
      2m 16s
    3. Merging and splitting events
      1m 51s
    4. Adjusting the date and time of your events
      1m 22s
    5. Marking favorites and rejecting video
      1m 56s
  4. 16m 23s
    1. Creating your project
      4m 33s
    2. Adding selections to your project
      2m 8s
    3. Rearranging and deleting clips
      1m 36s
    4. Using advanced drag-and-drop editing
      1m 56s
    5. Fine-tuning on the fly
      1m 44s
    6. Using the Clip Trimmer
      1m 20s
    7. Playing back your project
      3m 6s
  5. 4m 29s
    1. Applying and modifying transitions
      1m 45s
    2. Adjusting transition duration and style
      2m 44s
  6. 5m 14s
    1. Adding a title
      2m 53s
    2. Editing text properties
      2m 21s
  7. 16m 12s
    1. Changing the volume of a clip
      2m 18s
    2. Searching for music and effects
      2m 45s
    3. Adding background music
      2m 33s
    4. Pinning background music to a video frame
      2m 24s
    5. Ducking the music under speech
      1m 16s
    6. Adding sound effects
      2m 25s
    7. Using the voiceover tool
      2m 31s
  8. 6m 44s
    1. Adding images from iPhoto
      2m 9s
    2. Making your photos move
      4m 35s
  9. 5m 1s
    1. Using the Precision Editor
      2m 6s
    2. Advanced precision editing
      2m 55s
  10. 4m 27s
    1. Adding beat markers to music
      2m 24s
    2. Editing music to the beat
      2m 3s
  11. 12m 35s
    1. Changing the look of your video with effects
      1m 16s
    2. Altering the speed of a clip
      1m 12s
    3. Stabilizing your video
      3m 56s
    4. Adding a freeze frame
      1m 12s
    5. Creating picture-in-picture effects
      1m 44s
    6. Superimposing video with green-screen effects
      3m 15s
  12. 8m 23s
    1. Applying and viewing a theme
      3m 41s
    2. Changing theme element poster frames
    3. Working with individual theme components
      1m 0s
    4. Applying and editing a map
      2m 50s
  13. 8m 42s
    1. Enhancing color balance with White Point controls
      2m 12s
    2. Enhancing exposure with Levels controls
      3m 36s
    3. Enhancing photos with RGB controls
      1m 28s
    4. Applying adjustments to multiple clips
      1m 26s
  14. 13m 56s
    1. Using the advanced tools
      3m 41s
    2. Understanding keywords
      5m 28s
    3. Using comment markers
      1m 58s
    4. Using the Replace options
      2m 49s
  15. 13m 2s
    1. Publishing to iTunes
      1m 17s
    2. Publishing to your MobileMe Gallery
      4m 7s
    3. Publishing to YouTube
      3m 24s
    4. Accessing your movie in GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD
      1m 21s
    5. Exporting to the Finder
      1m 50s
    6. Sharing your projects with Final Cut Pro Editors
      1m 3s
  16. 26s
    1. Goodbye

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Advanced precision editing
Video Duration: 2m 55s 2h 22m Beginner


Advanced precision editing provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Damian Allen as part of the iMovie '09 Essential Training

View Course Description

iMovie '09 is a powerful video editing tool that is part of Apple's iLife suite. In iMovie '09 Essential Training, Damian Allen takes new and intermediate users through the steps to create professional-looking video. Damian covers the whole editing process, from importing audio, video, and image files to adding text and graphics. He also teaches several ways to share a finished piece with others. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding basic editing techniques
  • Working with wipes, dissolves, and other transitions
  • Mixing music with dialogue
  • Smoothing out shaky footage
  • Applying and manipulating video effects
  • Using animated themes in a video
  • Enhancing video and still images using RGB and level controls
  • Using comment markers and keywords to locate material
  • Sharing projects with Final Cut Pro editors

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about iMovie '09 Essential Training .

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Q: While trying to load AVI files into iMovie – which iMovie supports – the AVI files would not play. After converting the files with Streamclip, some of the AVI files played, but without sound. The files are from a digital camera, and all had sound when imported from the camera. Is there an easier way to get iMovie to successfully play AVI files besides converting them to other formats?
A: Unfortunately, Mac OS X and iMovie are very picky about which AVI codecs they will play. While installing an application like Flip4Mac might lead to some success, the most likely road to playing the AVI files is to convert them via some application like Streamclip, HandBrake, iSquint, etc.
Q: I  have downloaded exercise files for iMovie ’09 Essential Training, but when opened, show a “source clip missing" error. What could be causing this problem?
A: Directions for downloading and using the exercise files are detailed in the "Using the exercise files" movie in the Introduction chapter.

Make sure to move over the iMovie Events folder into the Movies directory on the Home drive, as it contains the source clips used in the projects. If the iMovie Events folder is not in the same directory, iMovie will display the “Source clip is missing” error in the clip viewer.





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