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iTunes 5 and 6 + iPod Essential Training

From: iTunes 5 and 6 + iPod Essential Training

Video: New in iTunes 6: Videos

Combine your iPod with the iTunes software and online music store, and you have access to a revolutionary new way to enjoy, store, and catalog music. From basic playback and download techniques, to utilizing parental controls, fine-tuning track shuffling, and downloading and creating Podcasts, instructor Garrick Chow will get you in sync with iTunes and your iPod.

New in iTunes 6: Videos

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iTunes 5 and 6 + iPod Essential Training

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Garrick Chow

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  1. 1m 16s
    1. Welcome
      1m 16s
  2. 32m 3s
    1. Opening iTunes for the first time
      2m 17s
    2. The Source pane
      3m 12s
    3. Playback controls
      6m 58s
    4. General preferences
      5m 10s
    5. Window options
      7m 18s
    6. Parental controls
      3m 53s
    7. Keyboard controls
      3m 15s
  3. 1h 5m
    1. Importing options
      8m 44s
    2. Importing from a CD
      5m 53s
    3. Manually entering song info
      9m 11s
    4. Finding and adding album artwork
      9m 11s
    5. Adding lyrics to songs
      2m 40s
    6. Dragging in song files
      7m 24s
    7. Converting single files
      2m 50s
    8. Joining tracks together
      5m 15s
    9. Importing videos
      3m 52s
    10. Consolidating your library
      3m 2s
    11. Finding duplicate songs
      4m 10s
    12. Printing a song list
      2m 49s
  4. 1h 7m
    1. Browsing
      8m 12s
    2. Searching
      4m 50s
    3. The Snapback button
      1m 30s
    4. Rating songs
      2m 15s
    5. Playback options
      10m 11s
    6. Creating playlists
      6m 55s
    7. Creating Smart playlists
      7m 49s
    8. Creating folders
      2m 56s
    9. Shuffling and repeating
      4m 32s
    10. Party shuffle
      4m 58s
    11. The Equalizer
      6m 52s
    12. The Visualizer
      4m 39s
    13. Internet Radio
      1m 53s
  5. 38m 36s
    1. Sharing over a network
      7m 15s
    2. Airtunes
      5m 46s
    3. Burning an audio CD
      8m 24s
    4. Burning a MP3 CD
      10m 17s
    5. Burning a backup DVD
      3m 45s
    6. Printing a CD insert
      3m 9s
  6. 1h 10m
    1. Store overview
      9m 2s
    2. Browsing for music
      6m 8s
    3. Searching for music
      4m 17s
    4. Creating an account
      3m 30s
    5. Purchasing music
      8m 43s
    6. Allowances
      4m 48s
    7. Buying/Redeeming iTunes gift certificates
      5m 21s
    8. Music cards
      1m 31s
    9. Creating and submitting an iMix
      6m 45s
    10. Backing up purchased music
      5m 15s
    11. New in iTunes 6: Videos
      9m 39s
    12. New in iTunes 6: Gifting Music
      2m 58s
    13. New in iTunes 6: Just for You and Customer Reviews
      2m 54s
  7. 1h 5m
    1. iPod types
      7m 40s
    2. iPod special editions
      2m 6s
    3. iPod software editions
      10m 37s
    4. Mac/Windows iPod differences
      4m 19s
    5. iPod Music preferences
      14m 43s
    6. iPod Shuffle preferences
      6m 28s
    7. Syncing contacts and calendars (Mac and Windows)
      5m 56s
    8. Manually adding contacts to your iPod (Mac and Windows)
      2m 50s
    9. Syncing photos
      5m 42s
    10. Adding notes
      4m 54s
  8. 46m 44s
    1. iPod controls
      7m 0s
    2. Creating a playlist in iTunes
      2m 58s
    3. Creating On-The-Go playlists
      4m 28s
    4. Playing audiobooks
      3m 57s
    5. Music menu
      1m 5s
    6. Photos menu
      7m 16s
    7. Extras menu
      6m 53s
    8. Settings menu
      7m 47s
    9. Customizing the main menu
      2m 13s
    10. Shuffle controls
      3m 7s
  9. 6m 42s
    1. Stopwatch
      4m 7s
    2. Screen lock
      2m 35s
  10. 18m 43s
    1. About iPod with Video
      3m 24s
    2. Copying videos to the iPod and creating playlists
      2m 59s
    3. Using QuickTime to optimize for the iPod
      5m 38s
    4. Playing videos on the iPod
      6m 42s
  11. 26m 55s
    1. What is a Podcast?
      5m 33s
    2. Finding and subscribing to podcasts
      13m 10s
    3. Listening to and interacting with enhanced podcasts
      5m 5s
    4. Video podcasts
      3m 7s
  12. 13m 14s
    1. iTunes Music Store Player (Mac)
      3m 34s
    2. Volume Logic (Mac and Windows)
      3m 5s
    3. Fetch Art (Mac)
      4m 18s
    4. iCover Art (Windows)
      2m 17s
  13. 18m 59s
    1. Cases
      4m 13s
    2. Chargers and docks
      4m 20s
    3. In the car
      6m 57s
    4. Other accessories
      3m 29s
  14. 25s
    1. Goodbye
  15. 17m 37s
    1. Introduction to the cover
      1m 27s
    2. Creating the click wheel
      8m 40s
    3. Symbols
      3m 46s
    4. Illustrator placement
      3m 44s

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