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eBay for Buyers Essential Training

with Christopher Matthew Spencer

Video: Welcome

Shows shoppers how to shop in the international online marketplace.
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  1. 59s
    1. Welcome
  2. 13m 50s
    1. Creating an eBay account
      4m 34s
    2. Creating a PayPal account
      6m 3s
    3. Establishing your identity with ID Verify
      3m 13s
  3. 11m 14s
    1. Reaching out to customer support
      4m 22s
    2. Exploring eBay's educational resources
      2m 48s
    3. Using eBay's Security Center
      1m 41s
    4. Communicating with the eBay communities
      2m 23s
  4. 19m 36s
    1. Browsing auction-style listings
      4m 39s
    2. Browsing fixed-price listings
      3m 45s
    3. Shopping for cars in eBay Motors
      4m 10s
    4. Using eBay Classifieds
      2m 26s
    5. Shopping for real estate on eBay
      4m 36s
  5. 23m 42s
    1. Doing basic searches
      5m 25s
    2. Doing advanced searches
      7m 26s
    3. Browsing categories
      1m 58s
    4. Saving searches and favorite sellers
      2m 45s
    5. Searching for completed items
      2m 32s
    6. Filtering searches
      3m 36s
  6. 41m 52s
    1. Reviewing seller feedback
      4m 21s
    2. Understanding user icons
      4m 4s
    3. Reviewing items by location
      2m 27s
    4. Clarifying item descriptions
      3m 46s
    5. Understanding shipping options
      6m 9s
    6. Understanding payment terms
      6m 43s
    7. Understanding returns policies
      8m 2s
    8. Asking a question
      3m 45s
    9. Sharing a listing page with someone else
      2m 35s
  7. 28m 29s
    1. Placing a bid
      5m 44s
    2. Monitoring your bids
      1m 13s
    3. Rebidding
      2m 20s
    4. Sniping
      2m 4s
    5. Making offers and Purchasing using the Buy It Now option
      5m 3s
    6. Paying
      6m 10s
    7. Using the Shopping Cart feature
      5m 55s
  8. 24m 44s
    1. Using My eBay and modifying personal information
      6m 53s
    2. Monitoring items on a watched list
      3m 2s
    3. Keeping track of bids you have placed
      4m 19s
    4. Reviewing items you have purchased
      3m 3s
    5. Keeping a list of favorite sellers
      2m 52s
    6. Using the message center
      4m 35s
  9. 10m 5s
    1. Leaving feedback
      4m 17s
    2. Following up on feedback
      1m 59s
    3. Requesting a feedback revision
      3m 49s
  10. 15m 39s
    1. Understanding eBay Buyer Protection
      4m 5s
    2. Resolving issues directly with the seller
      1m 49s
    3. Getting eBay's help
      4m 27s
    4. Retracting bids
      1m 51s
    5. Canceling a best offer
      3m 27s
  11. 12m 27s
    1. Tips for safe trading
      1m 57s
    2. Phishing (PayPal and eBay)
      2m 36s
    3. Identifying prohibited items
      2m 2s
    4. Account takeovers
      2m 11s
    5. Fake Second Chance Offers
      2m 17s
    6. Dangers of Off-eBay Trading
      1m 24s
  12. 1m 38s
    1. Goodbye
      1m 38s

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eBay for Buyers Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 3h 24m Beginner Updated Oct 31, 2011


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eBay for Buyers Essential Training shows how to shop in the international online marketplace, from finding and evaluating items and sellers to making purchases safely. The course offers tips and tricks for getting the best prices from trustworthy sellers, searching for goods, bidding, disputing transactions, and finding help through eBay Customer Support, educational resources, and communities.

Topics include:
  • Creating an eBay account
  • Contacting Customer Support
  • Browsing listings
  • Shopping for real estate and cars
  • Saving and filtering search results
  • Reviewing seller feedback
  • Reviewing payment terms and shipping options
  • Bidding and re-bidding on an item
  • Using the Shopping Cart feature
  • Handling problem transactions
  • Avoiding phishing attempts and scams


Hi! I am Christopher Spencer, and I'd like to welcome you to eBay for Buyers Essential Training. During eBay for Buyers Essential Training, we'll be covering the basics of getting started on eBay. We'll begin with registering for an eBay and PayPal account. Next, we'll explore the eBay community and the helpful resources you'll find there. We'll talk about how to find super deals, and how the various listing formats make buying faster, more affordable, and fun. I'll demonstrate not only how to find an item that I want to buy, but I'll also review the listing to show you what's important, and what to look for on eBay's sellers pages.

Finally, we'll talk about best practices for staying safe online and avoiding any possible pitfalls or scams that you may run into across the Internet. I hope I've sparked your curiosity about eBay, and I am pleased to help guide you through this journey. Now let's jump right in and start eBay For Buyers Essential Training.

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