author Jolie Miller

Benefits of building strong communication skills

by Jolie Miller

Building strong communication skills is key to every aspect of your life, personally and professionally. Whether preparing to apply for a new job or a promotion, negotiating for a higher salary, selling your home, or creating a standout presentation for school or the top execs at your business, honing your communication and interpersonal skills can build confidence and increases chances for success.

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Ch. 2. Communication Skills in Sales | Selling in everyday life

From the course: Sales Skills Fundamentals

Christopher Matthew Spencer shares his techniques for communication and listening skills, and how to apply them to everyday life.

Sep 06, 2012 Christopher Matthew Spencer 1h 13m

Interpersonal skills

Did you know that proper posture—relaxed and leaning slightly forward, toward your interviewer—increases your chances of success in a job interview? Learning to communicate and interact with others in the workplace or at home is imperative for building solid relationships and growing your career. From tutorials on basic negotiation and sales strategies to how to apply business tactics to everyday life, many training videos concentrate on building interpersonal skills.

Presentations are more than PowerPoint

The secret to making a great presentation is more than mastering PowerPoint or Keynote. Diandra Macias, creative director at Duarte Design (featured in our Duarte Design, Presentation Design Studio Creative Inspirations documentary), says it best: “It’s not about the tool, it’s about the story.” Take a look at just a few of our presentation video tutorials, such as Effective Public Speaking or Pitching Projects and Products to Executives, to learn more about how taking the time to prepare content and consider presentation structure can really help to turn a ho-hum presentation into a great one.

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