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Time Warner Cable Inc.

“The online training library is the best source of training we’ve ever had.”

Ron Tonkin, Production Manager

  • Offers a full spectrum of multimedia software tutorials
  • Helps employees develop at their own pace
  • Provides administrative reports used in goal setting

Time Warner producers find online training fits into erratic schedules

Challenge: a busy team of producers need to stay up to date on the latest software

To deliver commercials that capture the attention of viewers throughout Southern California and Arizona, producers in the Media Sales division of Time Warner Cable need to stay up on the latest multimedia applications to help them build compelling content. Producers and their teams do everything from initial scriptwriting to shooting the video and editing the final product. Given the large region they cover and the constant traveling the producers do to meet with clients, pulling these professionals in to train them in the latest applications is a huge challenge. In the past, Time Warner tried using DVDs as a training tool, but found circulating the DVDs among producers difficult.

“Our producers really need access to up-to-date training that can also fit into their erratic schedules,” says Ron Tonkin, production manager at Time Warner Cable Media Sales. “I found the perfect solution for them with the online training library.”

Solution: allow producers to complete training on their own schedule wherever they are

Tonkin decided on the lyndaPro multi-user program with a 30-user account. He acts as the manager and administrator of the account.

“It’s important that every producer maintains a broad basic skill set,” says Tonkin. “Yet we also want to allow individuals to hone skills in their specific areas of interest. Online training through allows them to do both very efficiently.”

“There’s not only a wide range of training titles available on, but the training is also very current,” adds Tonkin. “The new version of After Effects came out, and right away training was available online.”

The training courses most used by producers span the full spectrum of multimedia applications. Among the most popular are Apple® Final Cut Pro®, Motion, LiveType®, Soundtrack® Pro, QuickTime®, and DVD Studio Pro®; Adobe® After Effects® and Photoshop®; and Autodesk® 3ds Max®.

As the lyndaPro administrator, Tonkin can create reports to track the producers’ account usage. These reports help him as he prepares their yearly review goals. Time Warner Cable Media Sales believes in the effectiveness of and pays for the license in full as part of the department’s yearly budget for training.

Results: provides flexible, current training to producers has become the primary source for the company’s software training. Producers like that they can log in and choose from a wide range of training modules and learn at their own pace on their own schedule.

“I’ve used for several years now,” says Dan Hubbard, a producer from Time Warner’s Ontario, California, location. “It’s easy, concise, and I can put what I’ve learned to use right away.”

Tonkin has been at his job for 20 years and has seen Time Warner go through many changes. As area production manager, he’s also been closely involved with the professional development of his employees.

“There’s access to so many kinds of software training for video, graphics, and sound production, and the flexibility to choose when and where to train is a huge advantage,” he says. “The online training library is the best source of training we’ve ever had.”

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